1c9fa19295BAVARIA shipyard operates with methods guaranteeing the highest quality and uses only sophisticated GFK-yacht technology for building their yachts. Therefore, construction at Bavaria shipyard is far better than required by classification companies, even at critical parts.

This benefits passive safety on sea, improves the yacht stability and makes living on board comfortable.

BAVARIA builds their yachts according to the sport boats directive 94/25 of the European Union, under the supervision of classification companies. After testing the prototype, supervision is conducted on the hull with the engine and the electric supply on the fastening equipment.

Sandwich constructions are an approved yacht technology used in aviation industries as well as for ice-breaking ships. At BAVARIA shipyard, sandwich lamination is used along the over-water-area of the hull and within the deck. The sandwich layer is made of water repellant, closed porous foam which ameliorates the stiffness in the hull. Low heat conductivity prevents condensation and makes the living atmosphere more pleasant.

Aramid fabric is the material used for making bullet proof vests. BAVARIA shipyard uses this for the collision endangered front part of the ship and for the keel flange as part of their yacht technology.

A layer of isophtal acid resin in combination with a powder bound matt of glass-fiber avoids the diffusion of water and obviates damage by osmosis.
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