12,000 miles, 10 happy years – the story of Auntie Jane’s inspirational sailing life.

When you cruise – for one week, one month or even one year (for those lucky enough), you will always meet interesting people – some you will like and some you will be indifferent to. But ultimately, cruisers have always got a tale to tell, a word of advice and an easy invitation on board to sample the local rum/beer/other home brew!

Owner of Horizon Yacht Charters in Antigua – Al Ashford – knows this only too well. His only Aunt – “Mad Aunty Jane” as she is so fondly known, has visited Al in Antigua 3 times now from her home in Australia. On her last visit she told him that she was going to write up her cruising memoirs spanning 10 years and 12,000 miles.

This is her (and Simon, her husband) story… and this is a snippet from the recently launched book. So, if you need inspiration to get sailing and cruising for just one week, one month or one year, read this book. Charter in Antigua and follow in Mad Auntie Jane’s sailsteps. Click on the link below called ‘It’s called THE IOTA STORY”.

It’s called THE IOTA STORY…

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