Be inspired: Do something just for you; learn to sail in Antigua.

March 17, 2016

Antigua and Barbuda

There’s something special about learning; the opportunity to try something different, something new and personally rewarding.  So why not be inspired to learn to sail here in Antigua?

Combine a learn to sail trip with this stunning Caribbean destination and you have the makings of a very special vacation.  Imagine a week of being on the water, at one with nature, without any telephones or computers – pure escape.  Here you will learn whilst out sailing and on board; no classrooms, no online study – just you, some friends, your Instructor and the tropical breeze.  You will hop from bay to bay; learning about how to plan your trip on the water, the various points of sail and how to anchor at the end of the day.  No two sailing days are the same, from what you learn, to the type of breeze, to the bays you will stop in.

From our base here in sunny Antigua, we offer the American Sailing Association (ASA) Learn to Sail certification.  This is a carefully graduated sailing programme taking you from novice to being able to take the helm – all carefully tailored to your own pace of learning and understanding.  We teach the ASA Certification on the smaller boats in our fleet.  This means that you learn in a controlled, safe and comfortable environment.

Horizon Antigua's Instructor Paul

Horizon Antigua’s Instructor Paul

Of course, no Caribbean adventure would be complete without time for snorkelling, swimming and exploring.  Your Instructor will take you to the best spots; some only accessible by boat so you get the best of both worlds.

vixen under sail 11

Learning to sail in Antigua’s sunshine

Your new adventure starts here – just pick up the phone or drop us an email.  +1 (268) 562 4725 or



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