Visit to St. Vincent Distillers Ltd at Mount Bentinck

November 29, 2016

St Vincent and the Grenadines



Horizon Grenada & St Vincent base director visited the St. Vincent Distillers Ltd at Mount Bentinck, Georgetown, recently. This is her account of the visit, along with some great pictures.


It was a wonderful drive along the Windward coast from the Blue Lagoon Marina passing small villages, the exciting new airport terminal almost ready to receive jets and plenty of lush mountains and flowing rivers.

We were met by an experienced master blender who took the time out to show us around. Distillation of rum is a complicated process, the fermented molasses which is brought in from Guyana is heated and the resulting steam is condensed. The liquid that is captured is measure and tested to eliminate any impurities and ensure the highest quality and uniformity. After the distillation is complete it is sent to be processed into different types of rum.

The Captain Bligh XO Special Reserve is a golden rum aged for years in oak barrels. These are stored in the oldest part of the factory for up to ten years. Rows upon rows of glorious rum ageing gently and when the perfect time arrives it is transferred to the state of art bottling factory to be poured, sealed and labeled and packed for worldwide distribution.

Outside the factory there is a product and souvenir shop where you can sample the different types of rum from 40% up to a very strong 84.5%…!

This award-winning distillery is well work a visit. If you’d like to book a tour of the Distillery you can call 1 784 458 6221.

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