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Home made bread and a sense of humour – gotta love that in Antigua!

January 18, 2012

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For many different reasons, some of our sailing guests decide to either take a Captain, or captain and First Mate, or Captain and Chef. And why not?

Perhaps you are new to the cruising area of Antigua & Barbuda, or perhaps you want to go further afield than you’ve ever explored before and need an extra pair of hands and some local knowledge.

It’s always interesting when we talk to clients over the phone and they are looking for a certain type of Captain, or Chef. Invariably, they’ve been on a boat in the past with someone that perhaps they did not rub along with (might be one of their own crew!), so they are particularly sensitive to who they share their liveaboard space with.

It always sounds quite tame when I reply “the Captains that we recommend to you are brilliant and get along with everyone”. But that is the truth. I think we have been really fortunate to meet and experience Captains and Chefs who have worked on all size of yacht, tend to have their own boats, and are some of the most relaxed people because they are living their own dream. Sailing is what they love and the ability to share that with other people.

I wanted to introduce you to one such couple who fit into this category. They are Canadian (ish) and have their own yacht “Moondancer” here in Antigua. As a husband and wife team they are fairly unique in that both are certified Captains. Nancy is the bread maker… no, really… she bakes her own bread and even cooked roast turkey on Christmas Day as they were crossing the Atlantic!

If you want a great sailing team for your next Antigua cruise, or Captain or just First Mate or Chef… you’ll be delighted to share your liveaboard space with such great people.

Remember to buy the yeast!

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Bob and Paula Grenier had a great time sailing Antigua and Barbuda

March 5, 2011

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Bob and Paula Grenier chartered our new Bavaria 40 “Tardis” last month and had a great time! We’ve selected these four photographs to share. The view is actually from Fort Barrington – a short hike up from Deep Bay, a pretty anchorage on the north west coast of Antigua – it’s certainly not a crowded anchorage as you can see! The other great thing to do in Deep Bay is to snorkel over the wreck of the Andes – a merchant ship that went down in 1908. In another photograph, Paula is at the wheel leaving Antigua behind as they make the 25nm passage up to Barbuda. Once there, they visited the Frigate Bird Sanctuary and took this great shot of the birds. A sailing cruise would not be complete without a cold beer at the end of the day watching the sun go down – Cheers! It’s so nice to welcome people back to Antigua time after time and we hope to see Bob and Paula next year for some more great Caribbean sailing.

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Imagine yourself here – discover Antigua

February 14, 2011

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Here’s a little movie I put together that sums up why Antigua is such a special cruising destination… I hope you agree!

Horizon Antigua – discover Antigua.

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Catamaran sailing at its best…. in Antigua & Barbuda

January 31, 2011

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See our lateest movie – OK it won’t win as many awards as The King’s Speech, but let me know what you think!  It’s a perfect boat for your next yacht charter cruising the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.  I also have availability in March on this boat…  What are you waiting for?!

Horizon Antigua Lavezzi 40.

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Ciao Italia – Lagoon 440 – embarks on their Antigua adventure!

January 22, 2011

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Having made a long hike up a steep hill to catch the Round the Island yachts passing by Jolly Harbour, I discovered that I was either too early or too late! But what I did discover was The Erdmans aboard our Lagoon 440 “Ciao Italia” leaving the harbour for the start of their Antiguan sailing adventure.

Quite often I am asked about the differences between sailing Antigua and Barbuda and other islands such as BVI – many cruisers have only ever sailed BVI and have less understanding of what it is like to cruise other areas. I would say that these photographs graphically show some differences… it is very peaceful here and typically you will meet other ‘yachties’ who own their own yachts or possibly live aboards who are realising their own dreams to cruise the islands (before they head back to normal world!). Everyone has an interesting story.

I also managed to snap a pair of pelicans out fishing for their lunch – it really is the simple things here that make it special.

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Round the Island Race – Antigua

January 22, 2011

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Today there are 18 yachts racing in 3 different classes around Antigua. We have 26 charter guests on the dock getting checked out so I’m hoping to jump in the chase boat later and snap some pics of the racing yachts as they race pass Jolly Harbour entrance. There is a big party this evening at Antigua Yacht Club for racers and non-racers alike. Stand by and I’ll try and get photo’s of the racing yachts…

Breeze today is around 18 knots from the East – perfect conditions!

To be continued…

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Beautiful morning in Antigua!

January 21, 2011

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring the most pleasure. What better than on a beautiful morning in Antigua than a stroll on a perfect sandy beach. I took these pictures just this morning at The Nest Beach Bar and Restaurant on the west coast of Antigua. When you are thinking about your next Caribbean sailing destination, experience the simple pleasures in Antigua…

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A great day in paradise!

January 16, 2011

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We just love those days in Antigua that are so busy you’re running around in the sunshine without any time to eat or drink (soft drinks, of course!). And what a day it was today. We had some great guests who arrived back from their sailing charter today. We had David and Cathy Rogers and their family who have now chartered with Horizon Yacht Charters 13 times now. They had some decent breeze but were still smiling when they came back from the dock. They were so generous that they bought gifts of embroidered TShirts and Canadian ‘pins’ to wear on our Horizon T Shirts.

We also had Jeff Cassidy and his great crew. This is Jeff’s 2nd time with Horizon Antigua chartering our Bavaria 49 “Island Alchemy” this time around. He is already talking about next time.

We also had first timers Jason and his crew on Shangri La – our Beneteau Cyclades 43. They are currently heading back to Wisconsin.

With just 15 knots of breeze today, our guests on board Makin Smiles – Jeanneau 494 – left the dock earlier and are sailing north to swim and snorkel in delightful Deep Bay (north west coast of Antigua).

We also have Lewis La Pierre about to leave aboard Oz Doc of Cowes, our Bavaria 42.

A fantastic day all round – full of smiles, sunshine and sailing.

Check our our fleet for your next sailing charter in Antigua:

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Charter our new Bavaria 40 Tardis – Horizon Antigua

December 29, 2010

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Welcome TARDIS – our brand new Bavaria 40.  Ideal for cruising the Caribbean from our base in Antigua.  Whether you have 2, 4 or 6 in your crew, Tardis is ideal for your sailing vacation.  Check out the boat right here:

Horizon Antigua Bavaria40 Tardis.

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