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Horizon Destinations win big in Caribbean Travel Awards

December 2, 2015

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Several Horizon charter destinations featured in the Caribbean Journal Awards for 2015! Awards included:

Innovative Destination of the Year — Antigua and Barbuda

Caribbean Airport of the Year – VC Bird International Airport, Antigua

Up-and-Coming Destination of the Year — Grenada

Also amongst the awards were JetBlue Airways – Airline of the Year. JetBlue services numerous Caribbean destinations from an increasing number of US airports.

You can read the full award list here.

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Silent Wings at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show!

December 21, 2014

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Horizon recently enjoyed the 53rd Antigua Charter Yacht Show at Falmouth & English Harbours, Antigua – from  5 –  10 December 2014.  Featuring 100 registered yachts, there was a wide selection of stunning catamarans and monohull sail boats ranging in size from 50 feet and up, all in the historic Dockyard at English Harbour. Visitors to the show also got to see super yachts, both power and sail, which was great fun!

The Welcome Party was held at the Copper & Lumber Store Hotel in the historic English Harbour, with a theme of “Caribbean Evening Under the Stars”.   Starting with a cocktail Reception with buffet supper, followed by live entertainment by a dancing troupe and DJ music.  Everybody enjoyed this fantastic opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues in wonderful setting!


Our crewed yacht Silent Wings was located in the Nelsons Dockyard in English Harbour and had prime position amongst the larger fleet.  Sally and Steve were ready to welcome brokers onboard, and to show off this lovely sailing yacht that is based in the Grenadines.

On Tuesday evening the dockyard boat hop brought the place alive with yachts open for visiting brokers to enjoy drinks and canapés.  Silent Wings hosted a Grenada themed cocktail party with rum, spices and chocolate to offer to the brokers.  Goodie bags to take home included local Grenadian flavours & spices.

A fun evening was had by those who stopped by to nibble on Sally’s delightful dips and sample Steve’s strong rum punch!  Jacqui Pascall, co-owner of Horizon Grenada had a great time answering questions about Grenada and the Grenadines, and it certainly didn’t take much encouragement for everyone to sample the fantastic Grenada chocolate displayed!

Learn more about booking a luxury crewed yacht charter on Silent Wings, and let us help you plan a perfect bespoke holiday – see our dedicated web page here:  http://horizonyachtcharters.com/stvincent/crewedboats/jeanneau-54ds-silent-wings/


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Far from the crowds; cruising Barbuda in the Caribbean

November 10, 2013

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Far from the crowds in Barbuda; enjoy some well deserved R&R...

There’s nothing better than feeling the soft, cool sand between your toes and hearing the lap of the Caribbean Sea when you need some well deserved R&R.  That’s why Barbuda is such a perfect cruising destination.  On the west coast, you have Low Bay which is literally 11 miles of unbroken white/pink sand.  From time to time the beach looks an amazing pink; this is because it is made up from the tiniest of pink shells.

The pink sand at Low Bay, Barbuda.

So how do you reach this sailor’s paradise?  From the island of Antigua, Barbuda is around a four and a half hour sail – perfect for those charterers who do not want a full day of sailing but enjoy island-hopping.  Most of our guests will sail from Jolly Harbour up to either Deep Bay (where you can jump in and explore the wreck of the Andes) or even the more lively Dickenson Bay where you have such great restaurants as Coconut Grove and Pepperz n Lime.  From these two overnight anchorages, you then lift your anchor early the next morning and sail up to Barbuda.

Deep Bay and the wreck of the Andes for snorkelling

Once in Barbuda, you can visit the Frigate Bird Sanctuary in the Lagoon – a guided boat tour showing you these amazing birds with their bright red colouring on display…

Frigate birds feeding in Barbuda

Majestic frigate birds in Barbuda

Or enjoy some local lobster at Uncle Roddy’s Lobster Shack (another overnight anchorage so do allow two nights in Barbuda to fully appreciate all it has to offer)…

Uncle Roddy's Lobster Shack in Barbuda

Whichever way you decide to explore Barbuda; we know that you won’t be disappointed.  Paradise is waiting for you.


Horizon Yacht Charters Antigua


Skype:  jackieashford1

Toll free:  +1 866 439 1089

Tel:  +1 268 562 4725


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Search the Sky on your next Caribbean Yacht Charter

October 25, 2013

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson went on a camping trip. After sharing a good meal and a bottle of Petrie wine, they retire to their tent for the night.

At about 3 AM, Holmes nudges Watson and asks, “Watson, look up into the sky and tell me what you see?”

Watson said, “I see millions of stars.”

Holmes asks, “And, what does that tell you?”

Watson replies, “Astronomically, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Theologically, it tells me that God is great and we are small and insignificant. Horologically, it tells me that it’s about 3 AM. Meteorologically, it tells me that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you, Holmes?”

Holmes says, “It tells me that someone has stolen our tent.”

Yes, the old ones are the best! We do have a serious point to make though. Many of us are not able to see the stars and planets because we live in or near areas where light pollution inhibits our ability to observe the night sky. While you are out on your Horizon Yacht Charter however, you have a great opportunity to see the clear night sky which everyone finds fascinating.

If you ever tried to find Cassiopeia, the North Star or the Big Dipper, I have something that you’re going to love. There are some apps available for your phone and tablet which will shed light on your night sky. They’re not new apps, but might be new to you. I installed the free Google Sky Map on my Android tablet recently and it is fabulous. All you do is run the app and hold the tablet in front of you, your screen displays the sky with all the stars, planets and other celestial bodies labeled. It even allows you to search the sky and points you in the right direction to find your target.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6znyx0gjb4

I haven’t tried them all but I’ve read that Sky Safari is one that is available for both Android and iOS. So install one before your next Horizon Yacht Charter and you’ll know what’s out there.

Happy sailing!

Pier Parkins -IT/Database Manager, Horizon Yacht Charters.



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Thanksgiving charter in Antigua

September 12, 2013

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Thanksgiving charter in Antigua.

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A trend for longer term chartering out of Antigua

March 14, 2013

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We’re seeing an interesting shift in the amount of time sailors are looking to charter; especially coming through for next year (2013/2014 charter season).  The trend we are seeing is for people to charter for 6 – 8 weeks at a time.  Perhaps we are seeing this trend in Antigua because it is such a central island in the Caribbean for making the longer passages.  With the wind direction from the North-North-East, it’s a perfect point of sailing.  We had a charter captain who said to me that “tack is a swear word on their boat”!  I love the fact that sailing is such a great sport that it attracts the out and out racers and the laid-back charter guests who really could not be bothered about the speed log.

Long term chartering brings its own rewards.

We are certainly seeing more people looking to explore “life aboard” and testing the cruising water (excuse the pun) before they make a life decision to buy a yacht in the Caribbean and cruise for several months each year.  We had a couple recently who purchased their first yacht at a Boat Show and were so excited by this that they cancelled a free charter that they had won at a competition.  All credit to them and we wish them many happy years of cruising aboard their very own yacht. There are more and more people who sail south from Antigua to explore Guadeloupe, Iles des Saintes and Dominica, and change their crew as they head south.  I think this is because it can be liberating with just the two of you, at one with the ocean, leaning to live together on board and work together as a seamless team, but it is also fun to have friends fly in to perhaps share some of the running costs (and a case of beer or two).

Dominica as part of your long term charter – magical.

The people who charter bareboat with us long term tend to be the couples who are keen on fishing, cooking and even baking on board.  We’ve recently provided a set of baking equipment to a charter guest who liked to bake her own bread, cookies and deserts for the crew ( we can vouch for her fatless pound cake – vegan-style).

Seek out fishing competitions and the local guys to buy fresh fish for BBQ
Perhaps this is a long term dream for many of you, but more and more are realising their long term chartering dreams right now.  You’d be in good company.


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Book a front row seat at one of the best shows on earth; welcome to Antigua.

March 2, 2013

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So, you have your Caribbean sailing vacation booked, your crew lined up and already you feel excited about that steady tropical breeze and temperatures that do not drop below 27 degrees, no matter what time of year!  Very different to most people’s normal life that involves the crowded daily commute to the office, the worry of the kids college fees and staying warm during the winter storms.

What do you look forward to most about your sailing vacation?

For many, they say that after the sailing, the greatest pleasure is when you have dropped your anchor and you can simply sit and relax and watch the sunset.  If there’s a refreshing cocktail in your hand and some chips in front of you, then so much the better!  There’s nothing better than good friends, a warm climate and a very special view.

There is something magical about how different each sunset is.  From our base here in Jolly Harbour Marina on the west coast of Antigua, we capture some stunning colours right off the dock.  The feeling of space is liberating; especially after a long flight crammed in with lots of very stressed and overworked people.

Jolly Harbour Marina, Antigua... Horizon sunsets

From our closest, white sand beach… which is just a short walk from our base in Antigua, you can enjoy a sun-downer at Castaways Bar but remember to take your camera… here’s a sunset we captured from south beach just below.  You can must make out the tiny island of Redonda in the distance.  The sea on the west coast of Antigua is this calm… why not paddle your feet or take the plunge and enjoy a sunset swim.


From our closest beach in Jolly Harbour


One of the great things about a sailing vacation, is spending time on and in the water.  After a hot sail, it’s nice to jump right in and cool off.  It’s also very economical with the water in the tanks, too!


Diving into the warm Caribbean sea at sunset


One of my favorite sailing guest shots has to be the image below with the crew on the Catamaran enjoying this amazing sunset.  From memory, this was shot in Barbuda – sister isle to Antigua – and just a 25nm sail to the north of Antigua.


Sail to Barbuda and enjoy a spectacular light show.

Let us know when you’re ready to book your front row seat at one of the best shows on earth.  See you sailing Antigua & Barbuda very soon.


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20% discount on available yachts in Antigua for April 2013… what are you waiting for?

February 11, 2013

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Just released; last minute sailing offers for your next vacation!

Sail the Leeward Islands from our base in Antigua this April and enjoy a special offer of 20% off 7 nights or more on available monohulls and catamarans.  Enjoy 365 unspoilt, white sand beaches, historic dockyards, Sunday night jump ups and beautiful coastal scenery.  What are you waiting for?

Blue oceans designed for cruising vacations


This offer applies to new charter bookings made after February 11 2013 and can not be combined with any other offer or loyalty discount.

Why not take a Skipper and/or Cook on your trip and you can just sit back, relax and watch the changing scenery with a rum cocktail in your hand.

Email Jackie at Horizon Antigua on info@antiguahorizon.com to check yacht availability and pricing.   View our fleet list right here.


Antigua's unspoilt beaches - choose from 365


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Two new yachts for you to charter in Antigua & Barbuda.

January 16, 2013

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Enjoy two new yachts for this coming sailing season here in Antigua & Barbuda.

We are delighted to offer our sporty Hanse 430 “Alexandra Dreams”.  This yacht can sleep up to 8 people in 3 double cabins and a further cabin with 2 singles.

We are also please to offer our Bavaria 50 “Olga” that is also available to charter right now.  Olga has 3 double cabins and a further cabin with 2 singles.  A spacious yacht for your next sailing holiday in the heart of the Caribbean.

Both yachts are available for bareboat or crewed charter.

Email Reservations in Antigua to check current availability and any last minute offers for these two yachts:


Here’s a preview of both yachts:

We look forward to welcoming you to cruise Antigua & Barbuda on your next sailing vacation.

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