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The Annual Carriacou Parang Festival

December 13, 2013

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Parang music

photo thanks to www.hotellaurena.com

The 36th Annual Carriacou Parang Festival is coming up soon, each year it is a fun family celebration just before Christmas!  This year it runs from the 20-22 December 2013.

Parang is a popular folk music originating from Trinidad and Tobago, brought to the Caribbean region by Venezuelan migrants who were primarily of Amerindian and African heritage.  Today it is popular form of Carolling, as singers and performers travelled from house to house and play different instruments, including a cuatro  (small guitar) and maracas, tambourines, mandolin, marimbolas and so on. Performers are joined by neighbours and are rewarded with local seasonal drinks such as sorrel juice.

On Friday, 20 December, the Carriacou Parang Festival opens with a “Sea Food Fest”, the annual Grenadian General Insurance Company’s Hosanna Carol Singing, along with the band “Zest” plus other local performances – all taking place at the Paradise Beach in L’Esterre. “Parang Bacchanal Saturday” features Patrice Roberts from Trinidad, along with a host of local artists. On Sunday there will be a battle of the bands as Parang bands come face to face at the Hillsborough Tennis Court all fighting to dethrone reigning champ “Boys from Camoon”.

Learn more about on the Parang Festival website – what a wonderful way to begin your Christmas celebrations!

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Carriacou Regatta Festivities!

July 28, 2013

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Carriacou Regatta Workboat Races

Carriacou Regatta Workboat Races


Established in the 1960s, the Carriacou Regatta started out as just a boat race but has grown over the years to include several racing and sporting events, plus cultural activities for the whole family to enjoy.  The focus remains on the boat races, though, as the Regatta Committee strives to support the indigenous skills of boat building that was brought over by the Scottish – and Irish – when they first came to these islands.  The workboat races draw competitors from surrounding islands, including Petite Martinique, Antigua, Bequia , Canouan, Martinique, and St Vincent and the competition is fierce – very exciting to watch!  The Regatta Race events focuses mainly on the locally built ‘Workboats’ but there are ten different classes of racing boats, sailing boats and yachts competing from around the world, ranging from 14 to 35 feet in length.

Other events include the cultural and sporting events such as the Miss Aquaval Queen Show, Football competitions, The Greasy Pole Climb, the Donkey Races… along with music and wonderful local food to entice you to join the celebrations!

Miss Aquaval Queen

Miss Aquaval Queen Competition 2012


The main events run from the 2-6 August this year:

Friday 2 August, 2013
Yacht Race at Tyrell Bay – 9am
Sloop Trial Race at Winward – 1pm
Green Hype Soca Fete at the Tennis Court – 9pm

Saturday 3 August, 2013
Round D Island Race at Winward – 9:30am
Yacht Race in Hillsborough – 10am
Long Open Boat Race in L’Esterre – 11am

Ms. Aquaval Queen Show at the Tennis Court – 9pm

Sunday 4 August, 2013
First Race in Series for all Boats/Optimists – 10am
Second Race in Series for all Boats/Optimists – 3pm

Foreign Artist Show at the Tennis Court – 9pm

Monday 5 August, 2013
Yacht Race in Hillsborough – 10am
Final Race in Series for all Boats/Optimists – 11am

Emancipation March around Hillborough – 6pm
Prize Giving/Closing Ceremony in Hillsborough Square – 8pm

Horizon Grenada can help you plan your itinerary to include fun & unique local events in your Southern Caribbean yacht charter vacation!



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Cruising with Kids!

June 15, 2013

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Planning your dream yacht charter in the Southern Caribbean is not just for couples travelling together – this is a popular vacation for families, as well!  With very little preparation in advance, the needs of your little ones – and teenagers – can easily be arranged, and perhaps with even less fuss than any other vacation would require!

Spending time with family and simpler entertainment should become the focus of your vacation, with the stunning Grenadines providing the backdrop.  Youngsters will love spending hours watching for dolphins, whales & sea turtles, fishing, splashing about in the water and learning about the boat.  Kids are inquisitive and love to learn all about the different parts of the yacht & how it works!  For older children (7+) you can teach them how the lines work, tie knots, knot -work (monkey fists are very cool!) &  show them how you navigate with charts and steer to a course.   You can also show them how to steer the dinghy, and teach them about the flags and their etiquette.

Since children quickly pick up on your moods it’s easy to have fun together once you begin your adventure, but it does help to remember  when you first start out that a 4-hour cruise can be difficult for young attention spans!  Include plans in your itinerary to stop for a swim & play on the beach at lunchtime to help keep the adventure fun until they get used to relaxing on board.

Horizon can help arrange a rented kayak and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), as well as fishing rods, and although we can arrange rental of snorkel sets (mask, snorkel & flippers) for US$15 per week, you may want to pack kid-sized snorkels of their own to ensure a proper fit.  Youngsters may like to practice breathing through their snorkels at home first- even just in the bathtub!

Boatsafe.com has a fun kids page, with loads of excellent sailing questions and answers from young people.

Safety – Rules on a boat keep everybody safe, and kids (and adults) will be able to relax once they know the logic behind them.  It’s best to go over the rules with everybody before you leave.  A few key examples include:

  • keep everything ship-shape!  Messy areas can create problems so everybody chips in and keeps things tidy
  • snorkelling & swimming is always done with a buddy, Just like at camp or the pool at home,
  • there is no running on the boat,
  • “keep one hand for the boat” to make sure you have control as you move about
  • …and most importantly, the Skipper is the boss!

We have life jackets for kids, as well as child netting available to section off an area for safety for smaller passengers.

In addition to our suggestions on packing for your yacht charter here are a few other tips for making your yacht-charter fun for the whole family:

  • Bring a waterproof digital camera, it doesn’t need to be a fancy piece of kit with all the bells & whistles, but make sure it has a viewscreen & a wrist strap.  Holding a waterproof camera can make a nervous swimmer more confident as they look for little fish to snap as they snorkel in the shallows, and means taking photos while everybody splashes about far more fun and relaxed when you aren’t worried about getting your camera wet!
  • pack rashguards, which are swim shirts or swimming outfits for the whole family.  They are a great solution to having to put on so much sunblock and there are fantastic styles for every age, including teenagers and adults.
  • consider packing sunscreen that is coral-friendly, such as Badger, or Loving Naturals brands.  A recent study showed that the four main ingredients found in sunblock that harm coral are: paraben, cinnamate, benzophenone, and camphor, but some experts  also suggest that it is best to avoid suntan lotions that have anything beginning with “oxy” or “hexa.” in the ingredients.  All of these kill the algae that coral feed on, and so the coral dies.   Some sunscreens that are oily float off in the water, which blocks sunlight. So, try to avoid sunscreen that come off too easily, and ones that leave an oily residue.
  • Bring guide books on the area, especially on the islands you are going to visit, the stars, local birds, and a firm favourite are the laminated cards which show the different kinds of fish in the Southern Caribbean!
  • Plan a few special events with the kids in mind, such as turtle watching or entertainment venues where kids are part of the fun.  Prickly Bay in Grenada is a favourite on Friday nights, where yachting families will gather, along with locals, expats and students from the University.  It’s been described as being very much like a wedding, with little ones running around and older people dancing, or just hanging out. Make a note to visit one of the wonderful locations where the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed, and get some photos of your little pirates!
  • You may want to pack playing cards & other compact travel games such as Uno or Bananagrams.
  • Both boys & girls ages 4+ (and teenagers, too!) will happily spend hours making bracelets from cotton cording or colourful embroidery thread, you can bring instructions printed from the internet to get them started.
  • Children will enjoy drawing the views and creatures that are seen on your travels so bring small sketch books … colouring pencils are best, since they are compact, no mess & won’t be affected by salty air or heat like marker pens or crayons!

Whatever the age of your children, we’re happy to help with suggestions and itinerary tips to make your yacht charter a family vacation you’ll cherish! Contact Jacqui on info@horizongrenada.com to plan your Caribbean adventure, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive all of our special offers, local news and updates directly in your inbox every two months, or follow us on Facebook for those last minute special offers and any up-to-the minute news!



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Soundtrack of the Caribbean!

April 30, 2013

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String Band in Nevis

String Band in Nevis

When planning your dream yacht charter holiday, you might want to consider the entertainment available on different islands.  Music in the Southern Caribbean is so much more than just Carnival celebrations, with the small islands all sharing their traditions and celebrating more popular music at various festivals throughout the year. Don’t forget to explore local music, friendly bars and music venues, and ask about what special events will be on in the area during your yacht charter – or plan your itinerary around one or two spectacular musical treats!

Bequia & Mustique – the Mount Gay Music Fest & Mustique Blues Festival in Bequia in late January has become an absolute must for everyone visiting St. Vincent & the Grenadines in late January and early February. Most of the performances are held at Basil’s Bar in Mustique, but Bequia hosts one Friday night performance – and a real party atmosphere pervades the venue when it’s Bequia’s turn to put on the show!  Click here to watch a video of the 2012 festival!

The line-up varies from year to year, with host Dana Gillespie bringing together a selection of talented musicians on guitar, piano, sax, drums and harmonica. Missed this year’s Festival? Don’t worry – recordings are made of each year’s performances and you can purchase CDs of the performances – and all proceeds benefit the Basil Charles Foundation, which sponsors many Vincentian children through their secondary education.

Nevis enjoys a strong history of Steel Pan & Calypso Steel (also called Kaiso on the island) originating in Trinidad and Jamaica. However, the island also has several traditional “Big Drum” & “String” bands.  Big Drum bands, with their sound reflecting their strong African traditions, comprise of a base, kettle drums and a fife (resembling a flute).  String Bands – also called “Scratch Bands” playing around the island on a regular basis… these bands can have up to 10 members with guitars, mandolin, baho (a bass pipe made from bamboo), a fife and various percussion instruments.

dinghy concert

Dinghy Concert

Grenada offers a range of traditional and popular music, from the popular occasional Dinghy Concerts at La Phare Bleu which are free and great fun,  and although there are several music venues on the island that have a great atmosphere and are very welcoming, our favourite is the regular Friday nights at Prickly Bay,  the excellent pizza is highly recommended, and “Fridays at Prickly” attracts a regular crowd of yachties, students from St George’s Medical University, as well as a good blend of Locals & Expats and their families… special treats when on the island can include steel pan, gospel, or even our own hidden treasure, Donnell Best playing his violin!  The Camerhorne Festival in St Patricks brings you wonderful folk music in December,  and the Tivoli Drummers are a spectacular treat if you are lucky to be on-island when they are performing.

carriacou maroon string band

Carriacou Maroon String Band

Grenada’s sister island, Carriacou,  is home to the Carriacou Maroon and String Band Music Festival each spring.  They say that for those who have always wanted a pure and culturally untamed experience, then this is definitely the event for you!   Maroon culture is about thanksgiving and prayers to the source of all life, production and prosperity. Its African origins are authentically depicted through the drumming, singing, eating of ‘smoke food’ and other rituals practised in the unique Carriacou way by its people.  Visitors to the island at this time can enjoy traditionally prepared foods, performances from various Caribbean islands & join with families through three venues of drum bands, string bands and dancing…  you can watch some wonderful clips of a recent festival, and don’t miss the fantastic drumming and dancing near the end!

Union Island – Maroon Festival, Mayday (May 1st this year), and Heritage Day – The day-long festival takes place on a full moon in May to mark the start of the planting season. There are several stages to the celebrations starting at dawn and continuing long into the night, including communal cooking, distributing food throughout the community, singing, drumming, dance. The songs, dance moves and drumming rhythms have all been handed from generation to generation and throb down the years with the sounds of Africa.

Right now you can enjoy the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, which runs until the 12th of May!  For over 20 years the newly renamed St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival has been one of the most anticipated events in the Southern Caribbean.  Offering a wide selection of fringe events around the island to showcase local talent and wonderful cultural displays, culminating with the ‘main stage’ events at beautiful Pigeon Island.  There is a very exciting lineup of internationally-renowned performers, including R. Kelly, Akon, and the Jacksons; as well as such talent as Tracy Hamlin (currently #1 single in Europe) and the striking, stunning Fatoumata Diawara…

Just a few examples, but it’s clear that planning to include a memorable musical event in your sailing vacation can be a lot of fun – & if you take a moment to like our facebook page,  that’s where we’ll be sharing the details when we learn of these local events!


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Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada Newsletter March 2013

March 30, 2013

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Photo Credit Nick at REdlinephotography.ca

In This Issue:

  • Learn to Sail – Last Minute Discount!
  • Music Events, Plus a Special Offer!
  • Exploring The Grenadines – Meet Vanessa & Seckie! Chatham Bay, Union Island
  • The Island Juice Company

Learn to Sail – Plus a Last Minute Discount!

Our partners at Nautilis Sailing have announced that due to a last minute cancellation there are two spots available on their upcoming ASA 101-104 course!   The livaboard course includes all meals, a private single cabin for each guest, course materials and formal certification!  the course starts on the 6th of April… and for only $1300 US per person – that’s 40% off their usual course fee – it’s a fantastic opportunity!

In 2011 The American Sailing Association honoured just 20 ASA schools with the Outstanding Sailing Schools Awards, and Nautilis was one of them!  Nautilus Sailing School conduct weeklong  liveaboard sailing courses on Horizon’s Bavaria sailboats. Passionate about sailing, they have enjoyed sailing in some of the most spectacular cruising grounds around the world. ” The Grenadines are truly the ideal sailing classroom” says Lead Instructor Tim Geisler.
You will set sail from the beautiful, friendly island of Grenada and visit several other islands and special locations in the Grenadines. Explore this stunning location while earning American Sailing Association 101,103 and 104 (Basic Keelboat, Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat) certifications. Over the course of a week you will gain the knowledge, experience and certifications to charter sailboats anywhere in the world, and embark on your own sailing adventure!  The goal is to enjoy a learning vacation. The emphasis is on learning how to sail, through hands-on experience, in a beautiful part of the world. Mornings will be spent learning and practicing new skills. In the afternoons you will set sail with the backdrop of spectacular beaches and islands of the Grenadines, refining these newly learned skills along the way. Once anchored for the afternoon, there will be free time to spend exploring, snorkeling, fishing, and relaxing…

You can learn more about the course details at Nautilis Liveaboard Courses and please contact Tim directly to take advantage of this amazing offer: tim@nautilussailing.com


Music Events

Ky-Mani Marley 13 April We are very excited to announce that on April 13th 2013, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, Ky-Mani Marley comes to Carriacou to play a one off show in aid of local charities!

In fact, 100% of the profits will be donated to two local charities, the recently established Carriacou Music Foundation, a charity designed to promote music education and performance on the island, and the Carriacou Children’s Education Fund which supports education programs in schools, and provides necessary resources for improved learning on the island.

Through his music Ky-Mani Marley not only continues his father’s legacy, but also delivers an eclectic blend of reggae, dancehall and hip-hop, which has helped to put his most recent album at the top of the Billboard Reggae Charts! You can buy tickets online, Early Bird Discounted Tickets are EC$50 (18.50 US) all the details can be found on Ky-Mani’s website,


St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 30 April -12 May For over 20 years the St Lucia Jazz Festival has been one of the most anticipated events in the Southern Caribbean.  Re-branded this year as the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, this 13-day event features a number of fringe events around the island which will showcase rich local talent and cultural displays and culminates with the ‘main stage’ events at historic and beautiful Pigeon Island.

There is a truly exciting lineup of internationally-renowned performers, including R. Kelly, Akon, and the Jacksons; as well as such talent as Tracy Hamlin (currently #1 single in Europe) and the striking, stunning Fatoumata Diawara. For all the details see the performers & programme details .

***We are pleased to introduce a special offer for the St Lucia Jazz & Art Festival!***

Starting on Friday 10th May in St Lucia, you will be welcomed onboard your Beneteau 51.5 (ideal for a party of six!) with a cool cocktail by your skipper and chef who will be waiting to meet you at Rodney Bay Marina.  Enjoy a couple of evening shows and head south for a wonderful charter through the Grenadines.

You can enjoy day sails and evenings at the various performances – a great combination to start your vacation.  On Monday you would sail down to Bequia the historic boat building island before heading to the Tobago Cays.  You would end your charter on the south coast of Grenada on Friday, 17th May.

The all-inclusive rate per person would be US$1500.00, based on a party of 6.  This would include the yacht, crew, all food and drinks, custom & immigration fees, yacht fuel, water and ice.  Show tickets not included.  For further information please contact Jacqui: info@horizongrenada.com

Exploring the Grenadines

Although Chatham Bay, Union Island is a favourite mooring, you may not have heard about Vanessa and Seckie’s yet.  It is well worth the visit to discover this treasure – a ramshackle hut powered by a battery and a generator, but don’t let that fool you in to thinking it is another “chicken and chip” stand!

We can report that the couple is very welcoming and that Vanessa’s conch fritters are very tasty and Seckie will cook you up a lobster on an outdoor fire… served up with a Dark & Stormy made with fresh nutmeg and PROPER ginger beer!

As you enjoy your meal you sit with your toes in the sand enjoying the tranquil, sweeping crescent of Chatham Bay – the definition of a good beach bar.  You never know, if you are lucky enough to be there at sunset you may even see a green flash!


Chatham Bay, Union Island


Got… Juice?

You’ve heard of Micro-Breweries, but here’s one with a twist – we are proud to introduce the first” Micro-Juicery” on the Island!    Showcasing the wonderful variety of fresh fruit grown on the island, the Island Juice Company products are prepared in a clean, safe, processing facility with minimal sugar, no preservatives and a high concentration of real juice.  This new venture is co-owned by long-time Grenadian businessman Lennon ‘Cane Juice Man’ Mapson, his wife Sherry and a Canadian couple on the Island – Jim Jardine and his wife Stephanie Ryan.  Their first flavours under development are the incredibly popular golden apple with a hint of lime- a popular local drink – plus Soursop, Mango and Passion fruit and – of course – Cane Juice Man’s signature Cane Juice and Bois Bande blend!  Each flavour of Island Juice will only be available when the fruit is in season and perfectly ripe.

What we really love is the idea that instead of exporting fruit for a tiny reward, the Island Juice Company creates jobs and a finished product on the island, rather than shipping raw fruit out of country.  Not only does is add value here at home, it reduces the need to import boxed UHT juice back onto the island.  This concept is growing in popularity in Grenada; with the goat cheese produced at Belmont Estates a popular example, and was originally implemented here by Mott Green at the Grenada Chocolate Factory, where a bean-to-bar product provides a greater reward for the farmers and workers than exporting the cocoa bean directly.

We are looking forward to trying their new flavours, and you can find their products at The Merry Baker (Port Louis Marina), Gittens Pharmacy, Foodfair, Foodland, Andells, and many other local retailers!

The Island Juice Co. on shelves now!Mango & Passionfruit Label


Until Next Time…

Sign up to have our newsletter delivered right to your inbox for local events, sailing updates and special offers! As promised here is a link to a fun short video of our recent Grenada Sailing Festival 2013 – Junior Final Race – note the tactics used for rounding the race marker! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDHWGdSpiz4&feature=share&list=UUy6hAINe2iMU5fUONXD_iIg



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World Arc Visits Grenada!

March 23, 2013

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World Arc comes to Grenada! Horizon Yacht Charters were thrilled to welcome the crews from World Arc to Grenada this week!  Starting from Saint Lucia (or Australia, for a half-rally), World ARC is an incredibly well-organised event – travelling a total of 26,000 Nautical Miles on a tradewind circumnavigation with a team in every port to ensure a warm welcome.  Participants in World ARC enjoy a mix of cruising in company and free time to explore – the fleet keeps up a regular pace together and join in the shore-side activities as a group, while staying with the best weather as they travel.  The group is made up of families with children, retirees or those on a ‘grown up gap year’ – all are welcome and accommodated for. With a dedicated rally team ensuring everyone makes the most of their time ashore, while providing peace of mind at sea – truly the voyage of a lifetime!

While in Grenada there are a series of events, including a Prize giving Function at the Victory Bar & Grill, Port Louis and an Island Tour, arranged by the Grenada Tourist Board.  The yachts and their crews will be staying about 10 days in Grenada before cruising up the coast and through the stunning Grenadines before meeting up again in St Lucia in mid-April.

James Pascall speaks to the World Arc group at Port Louis Marina, Grenada

James & Jacqui of Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada spent some time with the crews, providing itinerary assistance, mooring advice and an information pack with details on fun things to try in Grenada, like joining the Hash House Harriers (known as drinkers with a running problem!), sharing Horizon’s Wikiloc page for hikers and explorers,  Prickly Bay on a Friday night, De Big Fish on a Saturday, and Hog Island on a Sunday. There were also detailed suggestions for some of the fabulous places to stop, shop and dine along the final leg of their circumnavigation, including Carriacou, Mayreau, Union, Mopion…   If you click on the photo a larger resolution will pop up…do take note of the text on James’ presentation – you can see why they are all listening so intently! Ahh, yes – there is truly no better way to explore the beautiful Southern Caribbean and Grenadines than on a yacht!

James Pascall Presenting to World Arc Crews

"...one gas station and 200 rum shops!"


All yachts in all WCC events are fitted with a remote tracking device and each event has a dedicated website with a ‘Fleet Viewer’ where family and friends ashore can follow the fleet’s progress and obtain information on individual yachts. After being away for so long they will be exhilarated with their adventures and ready to share some stories!  Read about their recent tour of Grenada on their blog

You can learn more about the World Arc and other World Cruising Club events on their website!

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Set Sail on the Tiando!

August 24, 2011

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Lagoon 380 Catamaran

One of the most popular charters  in the Grenadian fleet at Horizon Yacht Charters is Tiando, a Lagoon 380 Catamaran.  We were thrilled to stumble upon a blog on www.wavetrain.net by one of our recent guests, none other than Charles (Charlie) Doane, Executive Editor for Sail Magazine:

“…my personal ultimate goal whenever I’m sailing in the Caribbean is to avoid stress as much as possible. I did not want to be bound hand and foot to an over-ambitious itinerary, and I certainly didn’t want to have to present my motley crew for four different immigration inspections. Fortunately, they heartily endorsed my announcement on day two that our cruise would be limited to Grenadian waters.

As it was we had a perfectly fine time sailing from True Blue Bay, at the south end of Grenada, all the way up to the islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique and back again. We checked out the local boatbuilding scene on both the smaller islands, got in some snorkeling at various locations, and still had enough time to spend a whole day touring the main island by taxi.

The sailing itself was quite vigorous. The tradewinds here blow continually from the northeast at 20 knots or more, which meant we had a boisterous beat up to Carriacou and a nice sleighride of a broad reach coming back from Petit Martinique. Outside the lee of the islands the seas were very full size, but our Lagoon 380, I have to say, performed like a champ. No, it was not terribly closewinded (though for a while we did suffer from a delusion that we were sailing at a 30 degree AWA, thanks to some optimistic instrumentation), but it handled the lumpy stuff with aplomb. With a 110 percent jib and one reef in the main (most of the time) we felt quite secure and had the old girl screaming along at speeds up to 9 knots.”

To read more and see photos from Charlie’s trip, click here:


For some background on this fantastic catamaran, the popular and elegant Lagoon 380 holds the cruising catamaran world production record with more than 600 units built. Tiando offers the owners layout with 3 double cabins and 2 heads. In this version, the starboard hull is dedicated exclusively to the owners’ suite with office and library, queen size bed, separate large shower.  In fact, the owners head might just compete in size with your bathroom at home! Tiando’s original interior layout features a panoramic saloon and a galley connecting directly with the spacious cockpit and table seating for 6. The sail plan and seaworthy hull design means a great sailing performance without compromising safety.

In fact, the Lagoon 380 is the result of many years’ experience from VPLP, the architects, and the Lagoon R&D department. It shows in the way the boat has been thought out: access to engines from the transoms, large cockpit with table and bench seat, electric windlass, rigid walkway on the trampoline, wide sidedecks.

Her simple, efficient deck layout, security and comfort on board make even a small crew will find the Lagoon 380 a fast and easy to manoeuvre boat.

The bright and well laid out galley is the strategic link between the saloon and the cockpit.

The curved saloon offers a 360˚ view through the portholes and large bay windows. The chart table is directly accessible from the cockpit, a real “summer lounge” with its table and comfortable bench seats are immediately adjacent to the galley.  Space, volume, light, ergonomics, the warmth of wood, soft upolstery, all these characteristics have been taken into account to ensure that you truly enjoy cruising onboard this Lagoon 380.

Tiando is still available throughout September until October 21st 2011 for the special rate of US$3195.00 for 10 nights or US$2715.00  for 7 nights! Email info@horizongrenada.com for more information on chartering Tiando, or call Skype. horizonbookings
Tel: 1 473 439 1000 or 1 473 415 2022

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Grenada Sailing Itinerary – Port Louis Marina to Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

July 24, 2011

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A few tips and tricks to make your journey easier when sailing from Grenada’s Port Louis Marina, St George’s to to Tyrrel Bay,  Carriacou!

This is around a 32 NM sail, so you should aim at taking around 6 hours for the trip. It has been said that his is a very hard trip – you’re heading north east directly into the trade winds and have to beat the whole way to Carriacou. Well,  you can end up doing this if you want but there’s a few tricks that you can use to avoid doing this and you can be happily sitting at anchor in Tyrrel Bay relaxing with a cold beer watching the sun set while those who don’t know are still bashing around out there!  Here’s how to go about it:

From St. George’s head for Moliniere Point about 1 mile north of town. At Moliniere just leave the main up sheeted in and motor up the coast. Don’t go more than a few hundred yards off shore, if you’re just on the outside of fishing boats moored up then you’re ok. When you get to the very top end of Grenada keep going around the corner and head into Sauters Bay if the wind appears more out of the north east. It can be rough and blustery at the north end of the island – but don’t worry it will settle down! When you’re nearly off Sauters and you think you can lay The Sisters (off Ronde Island) on one tack then head off and go for it! Motor sail if you have to – keep your speed up as much as you can as this will minimize the time you spend in the (normally) adverse current. Don’t worry if you don’t lay the Sisters, you can tack back in BUT only do this when you’re tucked in behind Ronde Island. When you’re right up next to Kick ’em Jenny (i.e. 50 yards off!) tack off again and head for Carriacou. Same rules apply – don’t worry about trying to point up for Carriacou if this means you’re losing too much speed; keep above 6 knots if you can. Just north of Kick ’em Jenny it will get rough for a short while – it’s just the current. If you don’t lay Carriacou on one tack then only tack when you’re nicely in the lee of the island, as you get closer the sea will get progressively flatter and your speed will climb. The island will protect you from the worst of the current. Tyrrel Bay is an easy bay to enter.  

TIP: If you have time and the weather is suitable,  the small anchorage on the west side of Ronde Island makes an idyllic spot for lunch and a swim! 

Tips taken from our new Wikiloc page – have fun planning your sailing holiday before you arrive! don’t miss it!  http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/user.do?name=Horizon

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Grenadines Treasure Hunt Winner announced!

March 12, 2011

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We’re very pleased to announce that the winner of our Treasure Hunt Competition was Sean Gray from New Hampshire, USA. Sean worked very hard to work out the clues to the 4 questions and provide the correct answers. Sean’s name was drawn from a hat on 15 Feb 2011 from 10 potential winners who had sent in all the correct answers. Honourable mentions should therefore go to:
Kirk Vogel
Norm Staunton
Brenda Renick
Don Bernier
Tony Coy
Tom Bernier
Elissa Malcolm
Ann Marie Lamoreux
Sarah Stratton
Robert Dick

Sean wins a 7 day charter cruising the Grenadines aboard our new Bavaria 45. Or rather on this boat -speeding around the Grenadines!
And for those of you who may have got the answers wrong, or did not have time to enter the competition the questions once again, this time with the answers and explanations:

Question 1. Which village in Grenada is Grenada Chocolate produced? Answer: the village is called Hermitage located in the north east corner of Grenada. The village is tucked under the flank of Mt St Catherines, the highest peak of Grenada at 2,700ft and is surrounded by nutmeg and cocoa plantation. A 45 minute hike up a very steep sided valley behind the village brings you to a warm water spring, and if you carry on up the river you feel like you’re entering a lost World with swathes of green rain forest towering over you. Although you can’t normally look around the chocolate factory itself the initial processing of the beans takes place at the Belmont Estate further down the road near Tivoli and this is well worth a visit; also to see the organic goat dairy where delicious cheese is produced!
Interesting links: Grenada Chocolate Company
Belmont Estate

Question 2. Which leader is buried on the “Island of Reefs”? The island in question is Carriacou – which was so named by the Amerindians who first settled there. The leader is Herbert Blaize who was born in Carriacou in 1918 and served as Grenada’s Prime Minister from 1984 until his death in 1989. His grave is at the top of the graveyard behind Hillsborough, and a short walk up the hill behind brings you to a stone cross with great views of the northern side of Carriacou looking towards Union Island. Carriacou is an island with a very laid back atmosphere and well worth exploring, especially by foot. The figures of 240 rum shops and 1 gas station gives you an insight to the feel here!
Interesting links: For a lovely hike on Carriacou go to Wikiloc

Question 3. What connection does Richard Nevill who fought at the Battle of Flodden Field in 1513 have with one of the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean which occurred in the early 70’s? Get this wrong like the ship’s captain and you could end up in the stocks. An attempt to make this clue rather more difficult than the first two and make you work more – I think it worked as the solution wasn’t readily available on Wikepedia. Richard Nevill was the 2nd Baron Latimer and his descendant after a long period of abeyance was Hugo Nevill Money-Coutts who was the 8th Baron Latimer. Hugo Money-Coutts was a part owner of Mustique Island and on 8 January 1971 attempted to warn the cruise ship Antilles from passing through the North Passage by flying his own aircraft low over the ship and calling it by radio. The ship ignored his warning and grounded and caught fire, all passengers and crew managing to escape ashore and subsequently transferred to Barbados by the relatively shiny and new QE2. The last part of the question about ending up in the stocks is effectively a red herring – it simply relates to a set of rocks called the Pillories on the north side of the channel where the ship grounded. In medieval times stocks were also known as Pillories.
Interesting links: Article on the shipwreck here

Question 4. This character was one of the best known privateers of the Caribbean and may be linked to a family from Tredegar with a well known name but his origins are unclear. It has been claimed that he is one of my direct ancestors but this is unlikely. Why is this the case and what is his name? This question was prompted by my finding an old family diary from the late 18th century – in fact written by my great x 7 grandmother! Within the diary is a family tree tracing descendants back to the Morgans of Tredegar several centuries earlier. Henry Morgan, perhaps the most famous privateer of the 17th century was born in south Wales but emigrated to Barbados – and the rest is history as they say. Henry Morgan’s birth and early years in south Wales are very unclear which contrasts the records of his later exploits. It is not clear what branch of the Morgan family he came from, if at all. He left no direct descendants as he died childless (well no-one officially at least!). Read more on wikipedia

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