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Horizon launches new Base in St Vincent

June 25, 2014

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Horizon Yacht Charters announces new base in St Vincent
Opening 1st October 2014
Horizon Yacht Charters announces the opening of their latest yacht charter base in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Located at the redeveloped Blue Lagoon Marina the new base will serve clients who seek to cruise the unspoilt Grenadines. The base will open on 1st October 2014 with a fleet of monohull and catamarans ranging from 37 to 51 feet in length. Luxury crewed yachts as well as bareboat charters will be offered. 

St Vincent is a stunning mountainous island covered in lush tropical rain forest. St Vincent boasts verdant botanical gardens, waterfalls and a rich history. Blue Lagoon Marina is very conveniently located a few minutes from the airport, Kingstown and tourist amenities. The marina is an ideal location to start charter being only an hour and a half’s sail from Bequia, one of the most sought after locations in the Grenadines. Blue Lagoon is also ideally located for a one way charter start from St Vincent to Grenada, where Horizon Yacht Charters long standing base at True Blue Bay Resort is situated.

Flight connections are particularly well suited for one way charters via Barbados, St Lucia or Grenada and private charter flights are a particularly useful alternative to scheduled services.

St Vincent Base director James Pascall stated:  “We are delighted to be adding St Vincent to the Horizon family of bases. The Grenadines are one of the great yacht cruising areas in the World and we will now have a charter base located at each end, offering our clients even more options and flexibility for their sailing vacations with Horizon Yacht Charters.”

For more information on the St Vincent Base please contact Jacqui Pascall – Horizon Yacht Charters by telephone on (473) 439 1000/2, by email:info@horizonstvincent.com, or on our website.

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BAVARIA sets a new sales record

February 5, 2014

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A total of 102 BAVARIA yachts were sold at “the boot” in Duesseldorf

Only a few days ago the boot in Dusseldorf finished and now the final results of probably the biggest boat fair of her kind in the world are on the table. BAVARIA enjoyed a staggering result with 102 customers deciding at the exhibition to buy a BAVARIA sailing yacht or motorboat. This is not only a new show sales record for BAVARIA itself, but also among 1,600 exhibitors at the boat Dusseldorf (from the 18th to the 26th of January), this result is one of the largest experienced at shows.

BAVARIA continues its successful strategy and is developing and extending its market share still further. All yachts ordered at the show are due to delivered during this season which not only secures jobs in Giebelstadt but allows for further recruitment in the future.

Three questions to Constantin von Bülow the CEO of Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH:

To sell 102 sailing and motor yachts in only nine days is quite an effort. Did you expect to achieve such a record?

Constantin von Bülow:

Already during the autumn boat shows in Europe we have seen a positive tendency towards our products at BAVARIA. However, with 102 clear orders on the boot we have surpassed our own expectations. It has shown that it was the right decision to present our complete range of products in Dusseldorf along with our 20 traders from 12 nations. In only 15 months we have put more than 10 new sailing yachts on the market and have provided our motor yacht lines with some attractive equipment packages. This is appreciated by the market now.

Did you previously know the customers that have placed orders at the boot?

Constantin von Bülow:

Not only owners and charter companies who already own a BAVARIA yacht before have now ordered new ones. We are more than happy to see new customers who have previously owned a yacht from one of our competitors who have now decided to switch and place an order for a new BAVARIA yacht as well as some who have not owned a yacht before.

What reasons do your customers give for buying a BAVARIA yacht?

Constantin von Bülow:

The high quality and the attractive design of our yachts were the most commonly mentioned purchase reasons that we heard from customers, which encourages us in our brand strategy and product development. We have invested a lot of time and money in these subjects because we are convinced that customers are not deceived today just by smart chic lines in the design during their purchase decision, but spend more time looking exactly at all the details of a yacht. We have found the perfect balance in the production with boatbuilding and more fashionably industrial manufacturing. We order only high-quality equipment from our suppliers. Put all this together and we get the right mix to successfully sell yachts. The development in the yacht sector has not finished yet, however, with BAVARIA we have achieved the range turnaround and our success at the boot in Dusseldorf proves this quite clearly.

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The Bavaria 33 packs a punch in Antigua

December 10, 2013

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Welcome our new Bavaria 33 “Vixen” into our Horizon Antigua fleet.  With two spacious cabins this wonderful cruising yacht is just flying off the shelf.  We have availability now middle of February and then we are into March for availability.  Right now, we are making the stack pack and finishing off the commissioning before the very first charter in a few days time.


Horizon Antigua new Bavaria 33 Vixen

One of the best features that has been wowing our sailing guests booking this wonderful charter yacht, is the huge transom platform.  Almost the full width of the entire boat, this is a place to watch the sunset, enjoy your sundowners and wash the dog!  What an amazing use of space by Bavaria Yachts.  The transom comes up whilst you are sailing giving you a safe, enclosed cockpit area.


Huge transom on the new Bavaria 33 in Antigua

Sleek and stylish Bavaria 33 Cruiser in the Horizon Antigua fleet

Who’s coming sailing on this Bavaria 33 cruiser?  I think our team will find many reasons for test sailing this beauty over the next few days!

Email Jackie in Antigua on info@antiguahorizon.com


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Far from the crowds; cruising Barbuda in the Caribbean

November 10, 2013

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Far from the crowds in Barbuda; enjoy some well deserved R&R...

There’s nothing better than feeling the soft, cool sand between your toes and hearing the lap of the Caribbean Sea when you need some well deserved R&R.  That’s why Barbuda is such a perfect cruising destination.  On the west coast, you have Low Bay which is literally 11 miles of unbroken white/pink sand.  From time to time the beach looks an amazing pink; this is because it is made up from the tiniest of pink shells.

The pink sand at Low Bay, Barbuda.

So how do you reach this sailor’s paradise?  From the island of Antigua, Barbuda is around a four and a half hour sail – perfect for those charterers who do not want a full day of sailing but enjoy island-hopping.  Most of our guests will sail from Jolly Harbour up to either Deep Bay (where you can jump in and explore the wreck of the Andes) or even the more lively Dickenson Bay where you have such great restaurants as Coconut Grove and Pepperz n Lime.  From these two overnight anchorages, you then lift your anchor early the next morning and sail up to Barbuda.

Deep Bay and the wreck of the Andes for snorkelling

Once in Barbuda, you can visit the Frigate Bird Sanctuary in the Lagoon – a guided boat tour showing you these amazing birds with their bright red colouring on display…

Frigate birds feeding in Barbuda

Majestic frigate birds in Barbuda

Or enjoy some local lobster at Uncle Roddy’s Lobster Shack (another overnight anchorage so do allow two nights in Barbuda to fully appreciate all it has to offer)…

Uncle Roddy's Lobster Shack in Barbuda

Whichever way you decide to explore Barbuda; we know that you won’t be disappointed.  Paradise is waiting for you.


Horizon Yacht Charters Antigua


Skype:  jackieashford1

Toll free:  +1 866 439 1089

Tel:  +1 268 562 4725


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Search the Sky on your next Caribbean Yacht Charter

October 25, 2013

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson went on a camping trip. After sharing a good meal and a bottle of Petrie wine, they retire to their tent for the night.

At about 3 AM, Holmes nudges Watson and asks, “Watson, look up into the sky and tell me what you see?”

Watson said, “I see millions of stars.”

Holmes asks, “And, what does that tell you?”

Watson replies, “Astronomically, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Theologically, it tells me that God is great and we are small and insignificant. Horologically, it tells me that it’s about 3 AM. Meteorologically, it tells me that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you, Holmes?”

Holmes says, “It tells me that someone has stolen our tent.”

Yes, the old ones are the best! We do have a serious point to make though. Many of us are not able to see the stars and planets because we live in or near areas where light pollution inhibits our ability to observe the night sky. While you are out on your Horizon Yacht Charter however, you have a great opportunity to see the clear night sky which everyone finds fascinating.

If you ever tried to find Cassiopeia, the North Star or the Big Dipper, I have something that you’re going to love. There are some apps available for your phone and tablet which will shed light on your night sky. They’re not new apps, but might be new to you. I installed the free Google Sky Map on my Android tablet recently and it is fabulous. All you do is run the app and hold the tablet in front of you, your screen displays the sky with all the stars, planets and other celestial bodies labeled. It even allows you to search the sky and points you in the right direction to find your target.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6znyx0gjb4

I haven’t tried them all but I’ve read that Sky Safari is one that is available for both Android and iOS. So install one before your next Horizon Yacht Charter and you’ll know what’s out there.

Happy sailing!

Pier Parkins -IT/Database Manager, Horizon Yacht Charters.



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Re-instatement of the Aerodrome Certificate, Auguste George Airport, Anegada

October 5, 2013

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The BVI Airports Authority is pleased to announce that the “aerodrome certificate” for the Auguste George Airport, Anegada, was today, Thursday 3rd October 2013, reinstated.  Subsequently, the aerodrome is again able to receive international flights.  The Auguste George Airport, Anegada will operate as a certificated aerodrome with a category 2 Rescue and Fire Fighting service.  The BVI Airports Authority sincerely thanks the traveling public for its patience as it diligently worked to have the certificate reinstated.

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Discover: Bequia!

July 13, 2013

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Usually reached by sea, Bequia (pronounced beck-way) is an enticing blend of old and new and covers only 7 square miles.  There are just 5000 permanent residents – many of them expats – which creates a laid-back atmosphere and charming inhabitants to welcome you to a surprisingly diverse range of attractions, shops and restaurants.

The first stop of any visit should be Port Elizabeth, a bustling little town with a proper heart to explore, not just a line of stalls along the bay.  As promised, there is a wide selection of restaurants, from local food to fine dining, including French cuisine, French – Creole, and even Mexican food!  In the colourful stores visitors can see the traditions that have been kept alive on the island in the work of the artisans, in particular the famous model boats, which can be made to order and are all hand-painted.  Shops featuring local art and handicrafts are set beside lovely little cafés and friendly bars so that you can sit with a cool drink, snack or locally made ice cream and enjoy the view whilst you plan your next steps.  We enjoyed this charming blog about a recent visit to the boat builders on Bequia.

Don’t forget to visit Spring Bay or Friendship Bay for low key relaxation.  Spring Bay is quite secluded with a picturesque location and is generally calm for snorkelling, while Friendship Bay is easier to get to and has more restaurants and bars so you don’t have to bring a picnic!  There are several bays & beaches to choose from, whether you want to snorkel, swim or just get a bit of sun.

Hiking is very popular on the island and there are some really exciting trails, as well as more sedate walks.  You may aim to take in the  striking views from the top of Mount Peggy, where on a clear day you can see all the Grenadines islands down to Grenada! You may prefer hiking through lush vegetation to experience a stunning views, or an almost-deserted cove for a cool swim,  or discover the exotic wildlife & birds, such as sea turtles at The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary! Click here for a wikiloc map of a short hike up to Mt Pleasant, about 1.5 hours and some really great views:

Horizon Grenada has some fantastic itineraries through the Southern Caribbean, we can help make sure that you include this tiny jewel of an island in your next adventure!

Special note: the dates have been announced for the next Bequia Mount Gay Music Festival – it is scheduled for the 23-26 of January 2014, with the Mustique Blues Festival falling on the 24th… don’t miss it!

Horizon Grenada is pleased to recommend these partners in our Welcome Club, who offer our charter clients special discounts for products and services:

Dawn’s Creole Restaurant & Café * 10% off dinner and drinks

The restaurant is located in the Creole Garden Hotel at Lower Bay specializing in authentic West Indian cuisine and international tropical dishes.

Creole Garden Hotel – Lower Bay, Bequia Tel: 784 458 3154

Email: dcreole@vincysurf.com Website: http://beachcafedawnscreole.com/

Dive Bequia * 10% discount plus a free introduction to scuba for minimum of 2

Dive Bequia has been operating on Bequia for almost 20 years and together their international staff have 66 years diving experience. It is Bequia’s only PADI Gold Palm Resort (awarded to dive shops who excel in providing quality services to traveling divers.) Patient instructors and dive masters offer outstanding services to beginners and experienced divers.

Belmont, Bequia Tel: 784-458-3504 http://www.dive.bequia.com

Doris’ Fresh Food * 10% off purchases

Tucked away on the Back Street behind customs. Doris’ is the perfect place to stock up on provisions. The outside doesn’t give away the gourmet delights that await inside. You can fax your “list” to Doris prior to your arrival and your groceries will be delivered to your yacht.

Port Elizabeth Tel:784-458-3265

VHF68                   Email: doris_freshfood@yahoo.com

Frangipani Hotel *10% on hotel accommodations only

Restored as an inn some three decades ago, the Frangipani has been a family home for over 100 years. With spectacular views of Admiralty Bay, the inn offers elegant garden units with individual balconies overlooking the yachts in the bay.
Admiralty Bay

Tel: 784-458-3255             Web site: www.frangipanibequia.com

Kenny’s Taxi Service

Kenny Simmons’ motto is, “Courteous, Dependable and Reliable” and he lives up to it.  Island tours and airport pickup, always available on VHF Channel 68.

Tel: 784-458-3053    Cell: 784-532-1493

Noah’s Arcade * 10% discount on purchases
A selection of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts, hammocks, copper jewelry, resort wear, Caribbean books and travel guides, maps, charts, prints and much more …

Belmont Walkway at the Frangipani Hotel  Tel: 784-458-3424

Sargeant Brothers Model Boat Shop * 5-15% discount depending on size
All kinds of model boats including a superb model of the HMY Britannia received in person by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on her very special visit to the island in 1985. Our variety of models include; whaling boats, schooners, endeavor, sailing boats, coconut boats, and they can custom make to your requirements.
Admiralty Bay

Tel: 784-458-3344

Maria’s French Terrace Restaurant * 10% discount off meals and drinks

Traditional French cuisine is the essence of Maria’s French Terrace, an upscale waterfront restaurant with a superb view of beautiful Admiralty Bay.  Choose from the daily menu board, or from their extensive a la carte menu.  Lobster dishes are a specialty – select your own from their live lobster pool.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with Sunset Happy Hour from 17.00 – 19.00.

Front Street, Bequia Tel: 784 431 9509  www.marias-french-terrace.com email: info@marias-french-terrace.com


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Cruising with Kids!

June 15, 2013

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Planning your dream yacht charter in the Southern Caribbean is not just for couples travelling together – this is a popular vacation for families, as well!  With very little preparation in advance, the needs of your little ones – and teenagers – can easily be arranged, and perhaps with even less fuss than any other vacation would require!

Spending time with family and simpler entertainment should become the focus of your vacation, with the stunning Grenadines providing the backdrop.  Youngsters will love spending hours watching for dolphins, whales & sea turtles, fishing, splashing about in the water and learning about the boat.  Kids are inquisitive and love to learn all about the different parts of the yacht & how it works!  For older children (7+) you can teach them how the lines work, tie knots, knot -work (monkey fists are very cool!) &  show them how you navigate with charts and steer to a course.   You can also show them how to steer the dinghy, and teach them about the flags and their etiquette.

Since children quickly pick up on your moods it’s easy to have fun together once you begin your adventure, but it does help to remember  when you first start out that a 4-hour cruise can be difficult for young attention spans!  Include plans in your itinerary to stop for a swim & play on the beach at lunchtime to help keep the adventure fun until they get used to relaxing on board.

Horizon can help arrange a rented kayak and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), as well as fishing rods, and although we can arrange rental of snorkel sets (mask, snorkel & flippers) for US$15 per week, you may want to pack kid-sized snorkels of their own to ensure a proper fit.  Youngsters may like to practice breathing through their snorkels at home first- even just in the bathtub!

Boatsafe.com has a fun kids page, with loads of excellent sailing questions and answers from young people.

Safety – Rules on a boat keep everybody safe, and kids (and adults) will be able to relax once they know the logic behind them.  It’s best to go over the rules with everybody before you leave.  A few key examples include:

  • keep everything ship-shape!  Messy areas can create problems so everybody chips in and keeps things tidy
  • snorkelling & swimming is always done with a buddy, Just like at camp or the pool at home,
  • there is no running on the boat,
  • “keep one hand for the boat” to make sure you have control as you move about
  • …and most importantly, the Skipper is the boss!

We have life jackets for kids, as well as child netting available to section off an area for safety for smaller passengers.

In addition to our suggestions on packing for your yacht charter here are a few other tips for making your yacht-charter fun for the whole family:

  • Bring a waterproof digital camera, it doesn’t need to be a fancy piece of kit with all the bells & whistles, but make sure it has a viewscreen & a wrist strap.  Holding a waterproof camera can make a nervous swimmer more confident as they look for little fish to snap as they snorkel in the shallows, and means taking photos while everybody splashes about far more fun and relaxed when you aren’t worried about getting your camera wet!
  • pack rashguards, which are swim shirts or swimming outfits for the whole family.  They are a great solution to having to put on so much sunblock and there are fantastic styles for every age, including teenagers and adults.
  • consider packing sunscreen that is coral-friendly, such as Badger, or Loving Naturals brands.  A recent study showed that the four main ingredients found in sunblock that harm coral are: paraben, cinnamate, benzophenone, and camphor, but some experts  also suggest that it is best to avoid suntan lotions that have anything beginning with “oxy” or “hexa.” in the ingredients.  All of these kill the algae that coral feed on, and so the coral dies.   Some sunscreens that are oily float off in the water, which blocks sunlight. So, try to avoid sunscreen that come off too easily, and ones that leave an oily residue.
  • Bring guide books on the area, especially on the islands you are going to visit, the stars, local birds, and a firm favourite are the laminated cards which show the different kinds of fish in the Southern Caribbean!
  • Plan a few special events with the kids in mind, such as turtle watching or entertainment venues where kids are part of the fun.  Prickly Bay in Grenada is a favourite on Friday nights, where yachting families will gather, along with locals, expats and students from the University.  It’s been described as being very much like a wedding, with little ones running around and older people dancing, or just hanging out. Make a note to visit one of the wonderful locations where the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed, and get some photos of your little pirates!
  • You may want to pack playing cards & other compact travel games such as Uno or Bananagrams.
  • Both boys & girls ages 4+ (and teenagers, too!) will happily spend hours making bracelets from cotton cording or colourful embroidery thread, you can bring instructions printed from the internet to get them started.
  • Children will enjoy drawing the views and creatures that are seen on your travels so bring small sketch books … colouring pencils are best, since they are compact, no mess & won’t be affected by salty air or heat like marker pens or crayons!

Whatever the age of your children, we’re happy to help with suggestions and itinerary tips to make your yacht charter a family vacation you’ll cherish! Contact Jacqui on info@horizongrenada.com to plan your Caribbean adventure, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive all of our special offers, local news and updates directly in your inbox every two months, or follow us on Facebook for those last minute special offers and any up-to-the minute news!



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Congratulations to the Winning Bar Wars Team!

May 19, 2013

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Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada was thrilled to be involved with the recent Bar Wars competition in Trinidad! With 24 heats around the country, and 8 one-hour televised Final Play Offs, this highly successful TV series was made by Abovegroup Ogilvy in partnership with Carib Brewery Ltd,  & created by Russ Jarman Price.  The grand prize was a 5-day luxury cruise up the Grenadines, enjoying the treats and treasures of the Southern Caribbean with Horizon Yacht Charters!

After grueling, fun-filled rounds of dance, Q&A trivia, a myriad of crazy physical challenges and some pretty serious karaoke, the lucky winning team was announced… Congratulations to Frankie’s Bar on Ariapita Avenue, in Port of Spain!  We were very happy to welcome the winning team on board and show them a great time!

Here are just a few photos of their trip, as they sailed through the Grenadines from beautiful St Vincent to Grenada.  Their itinerary included Bequia, Mustique, Palm Island and the stunning, unforgettable Tobago Cays Marine Park, which you can only get to by boat!  Remember to contact us to book a sailing holiday to remember with Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada!


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