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Carriacou Regatta Festivities!

July 28, 2013

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Carriacou Regatta Workboat Races

Carriacou Regatta Workboat Races


Established in the 1960s, the Carriacou Regatta started out as just a boat race but has grown over the years to include several racing and sporting events, plus cultural activities for the whole family to enjoy.  The focus remains on the boat races, though, as the Regatta Committee strives to support the indigenous skills of boat building that was brought over by the Scottish – and Irish – when they first came to these islands.  The workboat races draw competitors from surrounding islands, including Petite Martinique, Antigua, Bequia , Canouan, Martinique, and St Vincent and the competition is fierce – very exciting to watch!  The Regatta Race events focuses mainly on the locally built ‘Workboats’ but there are ten different classes of racing boats, sailing boats and yachts competing from around the world, ranging from 14 to 35 feet in length.

Other events include the cultural and sporting events such as the Miss Aquaval Queen Show, Football competitions, The Greasy Pole Climb, the Donkey Races… along with music and wonderful local food to entice you to join the celebrations!

Miss Aquaval Queen

Miss Aquaval Queen Competition 2012


The main events run from the 2-6 August this year:

Friday 2 August, 2013
Yacht Race at Tyrell Bay – 9am
Sloop Trial Race at Winward – 1pm
Green Hype Soca Fete at the Tennis Court – 9pm

Saturday 3 August, 2013
Round D Island Race at Winward – 9:30am
Yacht Race in Hillsborough – 10am
Long Open Boat Race in L’Esterre – 11am

Ms. Aquaval Queen Show at the Tennis Court – 9pm

Sunday 4 August, 2013
First Race in Series for all Boats/Optimists – 10am
Second Race in Series for all Boats/Optimists – 3pm

Foreign Artist Show at the Tennis Court – 9pm

Monday 5 August, 2013
Yacht Race in Hillsborough – 10am
Final Race in Series for all Boats/Optimists – 11am

Emancipation March around Hillborough – 6pm
Prize Giving/Closing Ceremony in Hillsborough Square – 8pm

Horizon Grenada can help you plan your itinerary to include fun & unique local events in your Southern Caribbean yacht charter vacation!



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Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada Inaugural Newsletter!

March 30, 2013

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Welcome to our first newsletter!  We are a small, privately owned and managed yacht charter company  run by James and Jacqui Pascall, located in beautiful Grenada, the gateway to the Grenadines.  In 2013 we will be celebrating 12 years of providing yacht management, brokerage, and bespoke Caribbean sailing holidays on our luxury yachts.  We are looking forward to sharing this spectacular part of the world with you in our bi-monthly newsletters, and excited to bring you details about the events and special offers coming up, starting with the Toronto Boat Show and the upcoming sailing events in Grenada.  Sign up to have our newsletter delivered right to your inbox for local events, sailing updates and special offers!

Toronto Boat Show

The Toronto Boat Show, the largest in Canada, runs for 10 days from the 12 -20 January 2013 and Horizon Grenada will be helping to man the stand for MAYAG, the Marine and Yachting Association of Grenada.  Come and see us on stand 1541 at the Show and find out why Grenada Grenadines Yachting should be your destination of choice for 2013!

MAYAG is keen to promote Grenada as a yachting destination and demonstrate why it is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean!  Adjoining the Caribbean’s favourite sailing grounds, Grenada Grenadines Yachting is part of the Windward Island chain and its beautiful islands have sheltered anchorages, high quality marina and boatyard facilities, a full range of yacht services, international air links and all the ingredients needed for a perfect Caribbean sailing experience.
Every year, people from all over the world delight in the culture, food, wildlife, beaches, rainforest, unique attractions and the island’s uniquely warm welcome. Grenada is quite simply an authentic, unspoilt, Caribbean yachting destination.

You can learn more about the Toronto Boat Show here: http://www.torontoboatshow.com/ and don’t forget to add stand 1541 to your visitors’ plan!  Since Grenada is also known as the Isle of Spice, as a special treat we’ll be giving away samples of nutmeg, mace and cinnamon bark  from Grenada’s own growers.  There will also be some incredible special offers available to clients who book a yacht charter with Horizon Grenada whilst visiting the show!

Events in January & February

Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish Tournament
Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada are excited to be sponsoring The Spice Island Billfish Tournament again this year!  From 23 to 26 of January, all of the action is based out of  the Grenada Yacht Club located in the lagoon, St. George’s. The Yacht Club boasts an excellent dock with water, power and fuel available and is conveniently located close to the west coast fishing grounds. Now in its 44th year, the emphasis is on fun, sportsmanship and good fishing.   In line with modern conservation practices, the Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish Tournament is run as a modified release event where teams are encouraged to release the majority of the billfish they catch (a camera is provided to confirm the capture)  You can see all the details here: http://www.sibtgrenada.com/

Grenada Sailing Week Camper & Nicholsons Race Series
Did you know that there is a newly formed Grenada Sailing Week coming up? From 31 January to 5 February 2013, this new event replaces the keelboat regatta previously organized by the Grenada Sailing Festival & sailors from near and far are invited to come and “Sail de Spice”.  International and local sponsors have joined together to ensure an exhilarating experience for both participants and spectators, with four days of competitive racing, one Lay Day on a beautiful beach, and six nights of great parties!  Here is their webpage for more details:  http://www.grenadasailingweek.com/

We are planning on filming as much of the action as possible, and will share the links & footage online so don’t forget to join our facebook page!       Like Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada on Facebook

United Insurance Workboat Regatta
The Grenada Sailing Festival held 1-3 of February is always great fun, with the colourful Workboat Regatta held along stunning Grand Anse Beach.  We are thrilled to be sponsors again this year – especially as it is the 20th anniversary! We will be sure to share video and photos – but if you are around why don’t you come down to the beach and join in the fun!?!

Until Next Time…

Don’t forget to check out our special offers below, and to sign off our inaugural newsletter we’d like to share with you a new video just released by MAYAG, for Grenada Grenadine Yachting.  Not your typical “tourist board” video, you are taken on a visit with travelers and locals, and chatting with people offering services from provisioning & sail maker to the fruit market.  An enticing peek into what we find special on, and off, the water in Grenada!

Workboat Regatta

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Oyster Caribbean Regatta 2011 in Grenada!

April 8, 2011

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Horizon Yacht Charters is proud to be a local partner for the upcoming 2011 Oyster Regatta to be held in Grenada next week! From Monday the 11th of April to Saturday, the 16th of April, Grenada will be in the spotlight for this exciting event. Hosted by Port Louis Marina, the yacht fleet will enjoy a programme of racing, with the crews’ down time filled with tours and wonderful dinners and cocktail parties at some of Grenada’s most stunning venues , including Le Phare Bleu, the Beach Cabana at Mount Cinnamon, La Luna and the Aquarium Restaurant. Currently around 25 Oysters are entered between 55 and 82 feet in length.


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Ask Pandora: The Need for Speed – an Insider’s Report on the Grenada Sailing Festival

March 26, 2010

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Now Pandora is usually the type of easy-going girl that likes to cruise and take her time in the beautiful southern Caribbean islands. But every now and again who amongst us doesn’t feel a little racy…so ever the intrepid inquisitor, Pandora went to the annual Grenada Sailing Festival at the end of January to find out what it’s all about.

The Grenada Sailing Festival is a 5 day event involving 4 days of racing around the south west tip of the island between Port Louis near St Georges and True Blue Bay on the south side of the island. While Pandora’s good friend John reckons if it flies or floats you’re better off renting it, the owners of boats from as far afield as the UK, the USA and Trinidad as well as the local speed freaks seem oblivious to this and push their boats very hard, which results in spending a lot of the following week (or much longer) fixing them!

Fortunately you don’t have to be a boat owner to enjoy a regatta in the Caribbean. There’s really something for everyone in this orgy of yachtie euphoria. If you’re keen to get onboard, most boats need crew of varying skill levels and are always on the look-out for willing volunteers – the least experienced of which are classified as “rail meat”. Then there’s the partying in the evening where everyone regardless of their involvement is welcome and the rum flows faster than the bills from Budget Marine….

The 2010 event featured a record 43 boats in 6 classes (Racing, cruising, charter and multi-hull classes) and kicked off on Friday January 29th with a skippers briefing at The Victory Bar in Port Louis Marina. It soon became obvious that the skill required was not note taking but balancing prodigious quantities of Mount Gay, cases of Heineken and other free goodies in one hand while drinking with the other. The most important instruction given out was “make sure you finish the rum before the start line tomorrow!”

The first race day dawned bright and sunny, but with very fresh conditions. Pretty much everyone was prowling about near the start line about an hour before the first hooter started. Checking the wind and current, adjusting sails, synchronizing watches, and poring over the courses for their class as they were announced on the VHF. Starts are not for the faint-hearted; there’s lots of shouting at each other calling for “water” and right of way, fast tacking, quick gybing and huge chunks of money in boat shapes passing so close you can almost kiss the other crew (if that’s your thing!).Once away and round Grenada’s SW tip the fleet was assailed with gusty 25kt winds and 12ft waves, testing conditions for anyone sailing, let alone racing. After 2 races the toll was heavy on the fleet – blown sails, shattered blocks, snapped sheets and bent booms. Unfortunately one of the J24’s racing broached and sank with the crew being picked up by the rescue boat!

Plenty of post race repairs aided by the yacht services industry of Grenada to get the boats put back together for the next day’s race. And of course the day’s prize giving at the Victory Bar with many a tale of survival and sense of achievement to get through a hard first day.

The remaining 3 days followed a similar pattern, though the strong initial winds fortunately abated a little. A long Ocean Race and a Pursuit Race mixed into the program made sure the skippers were thoroughly tested in all types of races. Meanwhile in Pandora’s opinion the highlight of the event’s social entertainment was the party at True Blue Bay Resort on Monday. It was packed, with not just the competitors (now feeling more warm and fuzzy to their opposition) but it seemed like everyone from the south of the island was there, including students from the local university. There was shouting and cheering, dancing with anyone who whisked you onto the dance floor, and some of the winners generously allowing others not so fortunate to be photographed with their trophies! At the end of the night in a taxi bus on the way home Pandora even joined in a raucous sing song in French with a load of Dutchmen who had entered the event. ‘Nuff said….

There’s no doubt that getting involved in a Caribbean Sailing Regatta is an amazing exhilarating (though exhausting), experience. Racing sailboats is an undeniable rush. But what was surprising was the camaraderie between everyone. The same guy who almost rammed you at the start is the one who back on the dock will give you some sail tape to repair your sail, loan you his rope cutter to fix your jib sheet, and buy you a rum in the bar. There’s a whole lot of love that goes round even in this most competitive arena. And who can resist that…..

For a really excellent 3 minute video with photographs by Onne van der Wal click here

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Grenada Sailing Festival 2010 launched

November 25, 2009

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Last Friday, Grenada’s yachting community gathered at Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina for the launch of the 2010 Grenada Sailing Festival. Port Louis Marina will be the headquarters of the 2010 Grenada Sailing Festival and with this in mind some changes to the regatta format have been announced. The keel boat series which starts with four days of south coast racing on January 29th will now be followed by the hugely successful Workboat Regatta staged on Grand Anse Beach instead of running concurrently. These two very different events have always run alongside each other in an effort to mix it up for all involved, but with the success of both events growing it was decided to separate the two so each benefits from the total focus that they so rightly deserve.

It was also announced that there will be longer racing courses, deep water marks laid and an extended South Coast Ocean triangle course to suit some of the larger racing yachts that they hope will attend. The traditional Mount Gay Red Cap party will be hosted at the Victory Bar in Port Louis Marina, now managed by the very talented Ulrich Kuhn, owner of the Aquarium Restaurant with the special responsibility to see that the Festival parties are spot on.

2010 will be the sixteenth year of running for the Sailing Festival. For further information see the Grenada Sailing Festival website here

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