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September 4, 2013

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Lagoon Lagoon catamarans at (almost) every boat show

From Cannes to Annapolis, via Barcelona and Oslo, the entire Lagoon range, including the very latest models, will be on tour internationally. It’s up to you to choose the show you wish to visit!

Lagoon 39 and Lagoon 52: first presentation in Cannes

The new Lagoon 39 and 52 started a minor revolution in the world of cruising catamarans with their aft stepped masts, large fore triangles and dynamic lines. After a launch in grand style at the beginning of the year they were tested last spring by a score or so of specialist magazines in North America and Europe.

These two new boats have a large number of features in common, despite their different lengths:externally, with their overall appearance: their vertical, bevelled bows, the distinct angle of the hulls at the gunwale and their “suspended” deckhouses immediately reveal the strong personalities of these two Lagoons.the rigging: their aft stepped masts, self-tacking jibs, short booms and high, narrow mainsails, all of which are inherited from racing multihulls designed by VPLP. Easy maneuvering, high performance and a wide choice of headsails are part of the deal.interior fittings: although the Lagoon 52 is necessarily roomier, both boats provide a impressive feeling of spaciousness due to an optimum use of internal volumes for the greater comfort of all on board, while great attention has been paid to outside visibility.
Paris, Düsseldorf, Miami, Hainan, the Multihull boat Show, Sydney…. and now Amsterdam, Cannes, Southampton, Barcelona, Genoa, Annapolis… if you’ve not yet had the chance to visit the Lagoon 39 and 52, you can still see them at the autumn shows, starting by Cannes from 10th to 15th September.

The Lagoon catamarans autumn “roadshow”:

  • Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show (France) – 10th – 15th September 2013: Lagoon 39, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 52, Lagoon 560, Lagoon 620
  • Southampton boat show (United Kingdom) – 13th – 22nd September 2013: Lagoon 39, Lagoon 52
  • Istanbul boat show (Turkey) – 21st – 29th September 2013: Lagoon 39, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 52, Lagoon 560
  • Barcelona Boat Show (Spain) – 24th – 29th September 2013: Lagoon 400S2, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 52, Lagoon 560
  • Grand Pavois Boat Show, La Rochelle (France) – 25th – 30th September 2013: Lagoon 39, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 52
  • Genoa International Boat Show (Italy) – 2nd – 6th October 2013: Lagoon 450, Lagoon 52
  • United States Sailboat Show (Annapolis, USA) – 10th – 14th October 2013: Lagoon 39, Lagoon 450, Lagoon 52
  • Rivergate Boat Show Gold coast (Australia) – 5th – 7th October 2013
  • Mandurah Boat Show (Australia) – 1st – 3rd November 2013
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