Learning to sail in Antigua with Horizon – things you need to know

Our American Sailing Association affiliated sailing school is located in the heart of Jolly Harbour Marina on the beautiful west coast of Antigua. This is the perfect spot to begin your sailing adventure as you sail gently out into the leeward side of the island. What this means is incredibly flat water and less breeze … Continued

Meet Anette – a wonderful ASA Sailing Instructor in Antigua waiting for your call

Have you been watching the America’s Cup action in San Francisco thinking “I wish I could sail”?  Well, now’s your chance. Right here in Antigua we have the wonderful Anette, a talented sailor and sailing ASA instructor who can take you from just simply wishing, to actually sailing. Anette is a qualified American Sailing Association … Continued

Thanksgiving Charter in Antigua

Watch our video for reasons (as if you need them!) to spend Thanksgiving on a charter yacht in Antigua.

A trend for longer term chartering out of Antigua

We’re seeing an interesting shift in the amount of time sailors are looking to charter; especially coming through for next year (2013/2014 charter season).  The trend we are seeing is for people to charter for 6 – 8 weeks at a time.  Perhaps we are seeing this trend in Antigua because it is such a … Continued

Experience the best of Greek sailing; right here in Antigua.

Welcome to Akropolis Greek Taverna – right here in Antigua in the heart of the Caribbean. When people arrive to charter from our base in Antigua, one of the first things they ask (after “Where’s the nearest bar?”!) is “Where shall we eat this evening?”.  There are quite a few places to choose from right … Continued

Follow the herd; and then sail Antigua & Barbuda

There’s something magical about being at an anchorage with just you, a good book and the lapping of the water on the side of the hull.  For many, the lure of the beach bars is a thing of the past as they are increasingly finding that a little bit of peace and quiet is good … Continued

Life’s a sunset… when sailing Antigua

Hazy conditions create interesting photographs I think I am addicted to sunsets.  Since living in Antigua, I think I’ve taken more pictures of sunsets than you can shake a stick at.  I wonder what it is about sunsets that are so compelling? Many of our sailing guests comment that it’s like a punctuation mark after … Continued

What lies beyond the beach in Antigua & Barbuda?

Antigua & Barbuda has developed such a strong marketing position and earned a reputation for it’s stunning beaches (all 365 of them, but who’s counting?) that some of our sailing guests forget to explore beyond the beach when they come cruising these Caribbean islands.  If you’ve never sailed these waters, you might want to dip into … Continued

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