Charter ownership program – Guaranteed Income Program

Bavaria Vision 42Horizon Yacht Charters is the premier yacht charter management company in the Caribbean. Under our charter ownership programs we have meticulously maintained yachts, impeccable customer service and exceptional value. This ensures satisfied and happy charter guests, a busy Caribbean charter yacht fleet and competitive financial returns for our yacht owners.

Owners of select yacht models are eligible for a guaranteed income on their investment under our charter ownership program. You receive a monthly, pre-determined payment. Horizon takes care of all of the maintenance, dockage and insurance costs. On the ‘Guaranteed’ charter ownership program, you may use your yacht for up to 12 weeks per year (2 weeks in high/mid season and 2 weeks in mid/low season, or 6 weeks in low/mid-low season), plus up to a further six weeks of sailing, when you book your yacht within seven days of your charter start.

In addition to the benefits above, if you refer the names and contact details of potential charter guests and we subsequently book their charter, we will give you an additional percentage of the gross revenue.

Our World Wide Sailing Program offers Horizon’s charter yacht owners sailing on a comparable yacht in other exotic destinations. In addition to Horizon’s Caribbean locations – the BVI, Antigua, Grenada, St Vincent & the Grenadines – Horizon has teamed up with select charter companies in fabulous sailing destinations around the world to complement your lifestyle and enhance your yacht ownership experience. Global destinations include; Australia, British Columbia, Greece, Turkey and others. Global points are awarded on an annual basis and the amount of points used is determined by season and location. The World Wide Sailing Program is available in conjunction with either the Guaranteed or Maximum Income Charter ownership programs, but please note that it influences the amount of sailing time on both programs.

World wide charter ownership programs with Horizon Yacht Charters.