Nautitech Open 40 Construction

Nautitech Open 40 Construction

The Nautitech Open 40 construction is first class; different density foam cores are used, in combination with specific laminate specifications depending on the application and loading in different parts of the structure.

Throughout the infusion process, skilled workers monitor the vacuum pressure, temperature, and resin flow, which ensures very tight weight tolerances, and very thorough wetting out, along with precise resin to mat ratios. Not only are all bulkheads glassed into the hulls, but all interior framing and furniture is built in the boat, (not built in modules and then lifted in and glued in place as with some builders), but built in and glassed in. You end up with a very stiff, very strong boat, – a very quiet boat. A nice by product of resin infused foam is that the yacht is designed to be unsinkable.

Nautitech Open 40 ConstructionBy laying up the hull in four sections, Nautitech are able to produce much finer hull shapes than their competition. There is an outward “ step” in the topsides of the Nautitech 40, a “hard chine”, which means you benefit from a fineness of hull ratio below the waterline which translates directly into speed, but the volume above sea level for excellent accommodation is unaffected. Bruno Voisard and Marc Lombard, the Naval architect are very focused on weight, and by using foam composite lay up, over the balsa cores of the competition, they are saving half a ton of weight in the 40.

They save another 200kg by not running all lights back to wall mounted switches, but by having switches on many of the fittings themselves….it all adds up. The Open 40 comes in at 17,200 lbs, the immediate competition are over 22,500 lbs. A difference of 2.5 metric tonnes, 2.75 US tons. A huge amount.

This weight saving, in combination with the hull and foil shapes, means the Nautitech Open 40 is fast and fun to sail. However, it is also important to note , that a fast catamaran is a safe catamaran, as it can outsail a broach in a following sea, not to mention making a safe haven ahead of deteriorating conditions.

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