Bavaria ConstructionBAVARIA production involves close collaboration with top-class yacht designers. Farr Yacht Design and Insenaval S.L are responsible for maritime architecture and all technical functionalities  of the new BAVARIA series, both sailing yachts and powerboats.

The newly-designed yachts resulting from this collaboration are highly respected and received approval from customers, dealers and in the water sport publications. The new series consists of the CRUISER 32, CRUISER 36, CRUISER 40, CRUISER 40 S, CRUISER 45, CRUISER 50 and the CRUISER 55.

This great experience in design,  combined with BAVARIAs knowledge in terms of serial production, an utmost grade of professional competence and dedication to yacht-building led to these successful new ships.

BAVARIA production of yachts is by means of assembly lines. Hulls and decks are transferred by a rail transport system to the specific assembly station.

The actual conveyor production of our yachts starts with the installation of the deck fittings. The deck fittings and hatches are fully mounted and the later ´wedding´of hull and deck is prepared. At the same time, corresponding hulls are fitted on the assembly line.

The procedure on the BAVARIA production line is scheduled down to the smallest detail and divided into assembly volumes that can be surveyed.

a2ee51f231At BAVARIA, it is not just the furniture production that is executed by CNC machines with multi-fold retooling. This philosophy can also be found within the preparation of the deck installations.

Basically the millings and drillings have to be executed prior to the installation of all fittings and hatches. In order to automate these tasks, BAVARIA developed some years ago a CNC-device, which is unique in the shipbuilding industry. The deck layout of each yacht type, as well as the hole-pattern for series and extra equipment, are stored via CAD/CAM. Some hundred of single operations are necessary for this task. These are already laid-down in the period of the yacht development and are optimized afterwards. The aim of this automating system was to reach a consistently high-quality and production improvement at the same time. For the later tightness, the precise arrangement of the deck openings is crucial.

At BAVARIA, furniture parts are pre-produced to exact specifications by CNC systems and robots. Millings, drilling and groove tasks are carried out precisely. All wooden parts are given a uniform multi-layered varnish in an automated varnishing line with a two-component varnish and additional UV drying. Furniture modules are designed for easy production and service so that the hull and deck joint is accessible from every position.

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