3 reasons to sail Grenada

3 reasons to sail Grenada: Chocolate

Now this isn’t the first thing you think about when planning your sailing vacation but you’ll be surrounded by chocolate in Grenada; in all its forms.  From Horizon’s base in True Blue Bay, you can take a wonderful tour to an amazing waterfall called Annandale Falls.  On our approach to see the “fall jumpers”, we saw this amazing cocoa pod just hanging in the tree at the top of the falls.  We then went to the House of Chocolate museum in downtown St George’s to see ‘all things chocolate’ in there.  Top this off with a trip to a local store on Carriacou to buy boat provisions (yes, rum was on the list!) and we were met with the amazing aroma of “Saltilicious” chocolate.  I do recall reading that chocolate has health benefits; which may be why the people of Grenada are so happy and vibrant.

3 reasons to sail Grenada: Turtles

If you love seeing turtles in their most natural environment, then a sail from Grenada-Union Island-Carriacou and finally Tobago Cays (it’s not as far as it sounds!) is a must-do on your next sailing trip.  Turtles are EVERYWHERE!  They are protected particularly in Tobago Cays and it shows.  From the bow of our Island Spirit “Lagoon 42” as we were motoring to pick up the mooring, I counted 3 beautiful turtles peeping up above the water to view our progress.

3 reasons to sail Grenada: Beach bars

Vanessa, owner of Sun, Beach and Eat on Union Island holds a lobster.
Lobster dinner at Chatham Bay, Union Island


What do you need when you’ve had a great sail from one island to the next?  You’ve just dropped the anchor, sundowners are served but you’re running a little low on provisions, what to do?  We thoroughly recommend a lobster dinner ashore.  On one beach alone in Chatham Bay, Union Island, you can choose from 3 or 4 beach side restaurants.   We recently had a great dinner at Vanessa and Seckie’s cute shack right on the beach.  The lobster is caught by Seckie and grilled on a huge BBQ.  They have fun bar games for those needing some more activity.  Vanessa is the charismatic hostess; she can make a mean rum punch too.  Whilst she mixed drinks, Seckie served us conch fritters which were very good.  Lobster, sautéed potatoes and salad followed.

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