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Welcome to our Annapolis Boat Show Blog! Horizon Yacht Charters Grenada and St Vincent exhibited at the historic Annapolis Sailboat Show, October 5th to the 9th October 2017.

Whilst this was not their first time, it was the first time that I personally had attended. I was looking forward to the Show for very many reasons; one of which was for a bit of respite from the summer heat of Grenada. But wouldn’t you know it… Annapolis was in the grips of a heatwave!

This was great as it meant waves of visitors, enjoying the sun and enjoying the show. As well as taking the weather with us, we also took a taste of Grenada and the Grenadines – spices, chocolate, rum, pepper sauce and more rum. We had Nikoyan Roberts and the Grenada Tourism Authority to the left of our stand and Celia Ross-Latham and The St Vincent & the Grenadines Tourism Authority to the right. We also had tropical plants so it really was a little corner of the Southern Caribbean, right there in Annapolis!

It was a great week and we had many visitors to our stand – some old friends popped by to say hello and we made many more new friends, especially when it came to the rum tasting! A lot of visitors were curious to know about the effects of the recent hurricanes in the BVIs and we reassured them that everything was being done to work towards the islands and the base being charter ready as soon as possible. It was heartwarming to meet so many people who have pledged their support to the BVIs. We also received a lot of visitors who are loyal to the Grenadines, or for whom the area is on their charter wish list, and are planning to charter with us in the coming months.

It was a great opportunity for me to promote the islands I love so much and to do so alongside other people who are as passionate as I am. Hopefully my enthusiasm has rubbed off on some of our visitors…. We have already confirmed reservations with people we spoke to at the show and I hope we will continue to confirm many more…

Take a look at the short video we made at the show here: Annapolis Boat Show Stand Movie.

Lesley Hayes – Annapolis Boat Show Blog
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