Confessions of a Charter Base Owner part 2

Confessions of a Charter Base Owner part 2

After an uneventful 15 flights from Antigua to Grenada (OK, it was 2 but it felt like 15 on Liat, wheels up, wheels down, out you go, in you go, move to the back as you’re fat, you know the drill) we were finally ready to make our descent into Grenada.  My goodness what a shock when you look down and see the stunning blue water and the many little white dots known locally as yachts.  I’m not saying Antigua isn’t a busy sailing area but Grenada was clearly a great deal more popular and we already knew that many liveaboards called it their home, sometimes year-round, living aboard their boats.  I wonder how many have boat dogs or string bags?  Moving along.

The journey from the airport to Horizon’s True Blue Base was relatively uneventful; just a few potholes to avoid but we are used to that on our bicycles in Antigua.   James met us at the airport in someone’s trusty “work” vehicle as his vehicle was elsewhere.  When we say “work” vehicle, it is a truck that you can’t (a) open the window as it fell down and could never be retrieved and (b) the door panel had disappeared also.  Call me old fashioned, but it made our 1999 Rav4 look positively Mercedez-like.  Only kidding, James!  Thanks for the ride 😊 I actually felt like I was in a scene of Death in Paradise, playing the weird London person in a floral dress and sunhat.  (I think it’s on Netflix if this has tempted you to watch it).

Not having worn my proper sea-legs, nothing could prepare me for the wobbly dock at True Blue where, having not touched a drop of alcohol, I was wobbling like a Kinder Easter Egg (is that even a thing?).  Hubby didn’t have a problem and neither did all the other charter guests.  I put this down to the fact that most of Horizon’s guests are repeat guests, like old friends returning, and they know the drill.  When dock goes high, you go low.  Great speech but can’t recall by whom 😉 Imagine dragging my large suitcase and getting that onboard; doesn’t bear thinking about.

Nothing could detract from the excitement though as I stumbled along to our beautifully prepared Lagoon 42 aptly called “Island Life”.  Wow, what a beauty.  There before us, in the fading light, was our home from home for the next 10 days.  Huge cockpit, trampolines for sunbathing, large galley and an air-conditioned suite (yes, it’s an owner version and we were given the owner suite).  It actually felt larger than my home.  Well, now you come to think of it, it is larger than my home.  We bounced on (literally, as I had misjudged the bobbing dock) and quickly got acclimatized.  Horizon had provisioned and the galley was full to bursting.  There were fruits that I had never had before which was amazing as we only live just 300 miles north.  Plus, we had these little spice baskets on board as gifts, full of cinnamon and nutmeg.  I actually took some home with me and every time I smell these I am transported back to that magical time.

As we were in happy vacation mode, we decided to brave the bobbing dock and enjoy a cocktail overlooking the bay at True Blue Bay resort Dodgy Dock bar.  Really?  Where do they get these names from? 😉  The unpacking could wait as we were now in “vacay mode”.  Funnily enough, we bumped into someone we knew and enjoyed dinner with our old friends from Antigua.  It’s a small world and that’s partly what I love; you can probably go to any island and meet an old friend, or actually make a new friend or two.  Such is the happy place they call the Caribbean.  After a very strong rum punch we decided to turn in and get ready for the next day’s excitement, meeting our crew and making the sail to our first island stop; Carriacou.

Tune in next time to hear of weird bus journeys and meeting rock star boat builders.

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The Confessions of a Charter Base Owner Part 3 is out and waiting to be read.

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