Lagoon 620 (2012) 'Serenity Now'

Lagoon 620 'Serenity Now' Exterior2012 lagoon 620 crewed charter ‘Serenity Now’ can accommodate 6 guests in 3 queens.

Lagoon 620 crewed charter ‘Serenity Now’ features

The crew can swap 1 twin cabin for a queen if required. Each cabin has an individual shower, head, A/C control, and TV. The master suite is oversized with extra storage, twin sinks, and private entry.

Lagoon 620 Crew Profiles

Capt John Crafford

My name is John Crafford. I grew up in Cape Town South Africa. As a child, I fell in love with ocean surfing and sailing around Cape Town. After 11 years of having my own construction company, I decided to follow my dreams and go sailing as a career. As a captain, I have worked on sailing yachts and powerboats from 11m to 30m. Even went to France to work on superyachts but could not get my sense of adventure satisfied until I started doing deliveries. Crossing the Atlantic a few times I got introduced to the Caribbean and chartering. I fell in love with the industry. In 2012 I started chartering 11m to 30m yachts. My love for the ocean led me to become a PADI dive instructor. I met Shirelle as a suggestion as a new 1st mate and chef. I was not only blown away by her professionalism and culinary expertise but her warm, caring personality and love for life and the ocean also stole my heart.


Shirelle Paris

My name is Shirelle Paris, I grew up in a small green town in Israel. I always loved nature. When I was 20 I started studying natural medicine therapy and moved to a small beautiful town on the beach full of surfers and sailors and started sailing. Since then I’m in love with the ocean. When I graduated from college I decides to go with my heart and went sailing in the Pacific ocean.

If you’d like to make a charter enquiry on the amazing 2012 Lagoon 620 ‘Serenity Now’ available in BVI, then please feel free to contact the Horizon Yacht Charters team today.

Lagoon 620 (2012) 'Serenity Now' Specifications
Double Cabins
Max People
Hull type
Length (LOA)
62' / 18.8976 m
Beam (width)
33' / 10.0584 m
Air Conditioning
Solar Panels
Draft (depth)
5' 1" / 1.55448 m
Engine make
No. of engines
Cruising speed
8 kts
Lagoon 620 (2012) 'Serenity Now' Your Crew

Crew Profiles:

John Crafford

Lagoon 620 'Serenity Now' CrewMy name is John Crafford. I grew up in Cape Town South Africa. As a child I fell in love with the ocean surfing and sailing around Cape Town. After 11 years of having my own construction company I decided to follow my dreams and go sailing as a career. As a captain I have worked on sailing yachts and power boats from 11m to 30m. Even went to France to work on super yachts but could not get my sense of adventure satisfied until I started doing deliveries. Crossing the Atlantic a few times I got introduced to the Caribbean and chartering. I fell in love with the industry. In 2012 I started chartering from 11m to 30m yachts. My love for the ocean led me to become a PADI dive instructor. I met Shirelle as a suggestion as a new 1st mate and chef. I was not only blown away by her professionalism and culinary expertise but her warm, caring personality and love for life and the ocean also stole my heart.

Shirelle Paris

My name is Shirelle Paris, I grew up in a small green town in Israel. I always loved nature. When I was 20 I started studying natural medicine therapy and moved to a small beautiful town on the beach full of surfers and sailors and started sailing. Since then I’m in love with the ocean. When I graduated from college I decides to go with my heart and went sailing in the Pacific ocean. I saw beautiful places and worked on different kinds of boats doing everything that needed doing like first mate, deckhand, cooking and hosting. I came to the Caribbean, to focus my career on what I really loved doing and I’m thankful for the opportunity. I love everything about the Caribbean and this is where I met John, my love and the most charming, considerate, knowledgeable, kind man and Captain I ever met. Cooking was always a natural thing for me. My mother is an amazing chef and she taught me how to cook from the day I was born. We used to invite a lot of guests and making meals a celebration of life and international culinary experience. For me cooking is art and a way to give love and joy to people

Lagoon 620 (2012) 'Serenity Now' Menus
Lagoon 620 (2012) 'Serenity Now' Watersports

Air Compressor
Wet Suits
Weight Sets 6 # of Divers 5 Dives/wk 3 per week Night Dives 0 Dive Lights 0
Diving Info Both PADI: John Instructor and Shirelle Master
Diving Costs Regular dives: up to 3 dives included for certified divers this Winter/Summer 2020/2021 season. $35 per dive there after.
Weight sets; 6
Tanks: 6
BC’s: 2- crew
Regulators: 2 – crew
# Divers: 5
Dives: 3 included
Night Dives: No
Dive lights: NoYacht can coordinate rental gear from local dive shops for BCDs and Regulators at guest expense.Redhookdivecenter

Lagoon 620 (2012) 'Serenity Now' Reviews
February 2020

John and Shirelle,
Thank you form the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of us! You are the dynamic duo, the ying and yang and the perfect combo to make our sail a dream come true.
John – you always made us feel safe and your expertise always appreciated.
Shirelle – my lovely – you are a bright light – cooking is one thing- beyond anything we have ever had, but your smile and laugh could change the world. I hope one day we can meet up.
Fair winds to our forever friends.
Bruce, Eileen, ann and Patty

January 2020

Dear John and Shirelle,
Thank you for a wonderful time on Serenity Now. We loved the food, diving, snorkeling. The kids definitely loved the cocktails and the tubbing. Thank you both for spoiling them the entire trip. We greatly appreciated all of the efforts you put into the details; the perfectly decorated plate, the changing table settings, the silk pillow covers…This attention to details combined with your positive attitude & energy make this boat a very special place that we will always remember.
Love, Zavi, Freddy, Ludvig, Llara and Andrew

January 2020

Overall….Wonderful trip on a very nice boat with an excellent crew. THANK YOU.

The boat – Serenity Now. It was the perfect size for us. It did not seem to be 7 years old. It was clean, well maintained, had ample storage, a good sound system, and plenty of water “toys”. We loved it when the sails were up and just peacefully gliding through the water. Perfect.

The crew…John and Shirelle. They are “as good as it gets”! They made us feel welcome, pampered, and loved, while being true professionals at their jobs. John is serious about his sailing and cares about the safety and comfort of his guests. And very helpful at whatever is needed. Shirelle is a true gourmet chef….3 gourmet meals a day. Tasty, healthy. and quite the variety…….wonderful……and she is so lovable and bubbly. The two of them are excellent hosts.

All in all…..we loved it….so glad we went and thanks to you for all your help.

Tom G.

Hackett's family charter +Erica's blog - link

Erica wrote an article about here experience on board Serenity Now:

We had an absolutely amazing time on our charter. The boat was beautifully appointed, comfortable and very spacious. We loved all the “living” space.

John and Shirelle were wonderful hosts too. They were warm, kind, professional and friendly. They were attentive without being intrusive, a perfect balance. We enjoyed their company very much. We were greeted with champagne and a Congratulations banner and streamers for the girls. They took all of our pre-charter preferences to heart, even found good wine and coffee for us. Everything was perfect.​ They had plenty of energy to keep up with our active family too, including during what seemed to be the world’s longest tube ride (much to our daughter’s’ delight). They took us to beautiful spots for snorkeling and hiking. Our girls also bonded instantly with Shirelle. John was thoughtful and even made an extra unplanned stop when I mentioned we had been at Foxy’s years ago and I wanted to see it again. He was an excellent captain and Shirelle was a great first mate and chef.

Regarding the food, Shirelle’s cooking was truly incredible. Before this trip, I prepared myself that the food would be adequate, but we were blown away by the quality of each and every meal, snack and drink prepared lovingly by Shirelle (and John’s grilling skills were top notch). Shirelle even baked our family’s favorite cake to celebrate the girls’ graduations and served birthday pancakes, a family tradition that I briefly mentioned during our pre-charter call.

This was truly a vacation of a lifetime and we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Thanks for your help in setting us up on the perfect boat with the perfect crew for our family. We will cherish these memories.


Anne and Terry​ H., ​Illinois

May 2019

After Charter Follow up:

How did you enjoy your cruising vacation?

One of the most memorable vacations we’ve ever experienced and we travel a lot.

How would you describe your Captain and crew? Were they Courteous? Helpful? Friendly? Attentive? Knowledgeable?

All of the above. John was laid back and highly competent, Shirelle was high energy, competent as well and together they were a perfect complement to one another. They went out of their way to provide top notch service and made us feel comfortable and welcome. We can’t say enough good about them as lovely delightful people, we run out of superlatives.

While carrying out their duties very professionally, they felt to us like part of our very happy party of friends. They both have a wonderful sense of humor and fit right into the repartee and lightheartedness of the group, though they were sensitive to leaving our group to have our won time. We all did and still do feel like they are our new friends and we thank them for their warmth and friendship. They were the most special part of the trip, the key ingredient. They are a great couple. The fact that we all invited them to stay with us in San Diego says everything one needs to know. That offer is sincere and stands.

Tell me about your meals? Did the menus meet your expectations? Did your Chef and Crew pay close attention to your Preference Sheets?

The food was more comparable to a 5-star luxury resort than to a yacht of its size. We we’re frankly stunned by the quality and range of Shirelle’s cuisine. We had very few restrictions so that wasn’t an issue. Who would have thought that we would be served with delicious fresh baked breads among all the other wonderful inventive and creative dishes? The presentations were marvelous. From soup to nuts, A plus – world class. Our preferences were adhered to and Shirelle was attuned to our comments while on board. Drinks were delicious as well.

How is the yacht? Is she clean and well-maintained? Were your cabins comfortable? Was the cockpit comfortable? Was there enough shade?

Beautiful yacht, well maintained and comfortable, plenty of shade. Every aspect was in good repair and John and Shirelle were on hand to help with any questions.

What did you like most about the yacht? What did you like the least? If you could change anything, what would have made you happier?

Sounds crazy, but we frankly can’t think of a thing that was disappointing or less than expected. The boat, crew and service exceeded our very high expectations.

How did you find the pace and the itinerary of your vacation?

In a word wonderful. John listened carefully to our aspirations and delivered big time. He carefully discussed the travel and location options based on our preferences and in the end we relied on his experience for recommendations and were most happy that we did. He’s a great Captain and a really nice guy. We experienced a variety of activities, on shore visits and lots of on board fun. Transfers were timely and courteous.

Would you charter this yacht again? If not, please explain:

YES and we hope to if we can get the same crew.

The only minor kerfuffle was that we were told that we would board at Red Hook so that is where we spent the night before boarding. It turned out that we boarded at the capital city marina. John says it’s difficult to board at Red Hook. At any rate it turned out fine as we enjoyed our stay at Red Hook.

Keith & Cathy, CA

March 2019

John & Shirelle,
Years from now, after hundreds of more people come and go from their wonderful experience with the two of you…know that our memories of the two are/will be deeply planted forever with our family.

From the start of our trip – Shirelle Temples, 5 star meals every night, Johns singing of classic rock and male ballad singing, introduction of every meal with a passionate “OK” , as in get ready I an going to knock your socks off with my sauces, Lemon juice, Garlic, Olive Oils…

We appreciate your wonderful spirit, kindness, education of BVI, wonderful stories and adventures all over the world.

God has given you a special gift of helping families make life time memories. We take vacations like this to bind our family together and you are now a part of this. We so appreciate you!! I hope you remember this about us.
Forever friends,
Jeff, Mandy, Lily Kate, Kennedy and Dennis

Moore family charter 2019

Charterer’s name: Inna Moore

Boat’s name: Serenity Now

Charter start date: March 11 2019

Upon arrival the boat was clean: Yes

The boat was tastefully presented and decorated: Yes

The boat was ready to board at the agreed time: Yes

Comments-Overall condition: The boat was exactly as described, perfectly clean, staterooms arranged as agreed.

Was the boat kept clean during the charter? Yes

Was all advertised equipment on board? Yes

Comments-advertised equipment:

Was the equipment in good condition? Yes

Comments about equipment on boat:

Any toys particularly enjoyed: Scuba opportunity on board (air tanks, rented gear) was awesome! Loved the sea bobs and that huge floating island.

Comments-was the boat comfortable: yes!

The captain was outgoing: Yes

The captain was professional: Yes

The captain was friendly: Yes

Comments-captain: John was fantastic! Very pleasant and outgoing, perfect balance between being with our group and giving us family time. Very eager to fill our days with fun! Clearly very skilled and experienced! Awesome!

Comments regarding any sailing instruction:

Did you feel free to choose each day’s activities? Yes

Comments regarding choosing each days activities:

Please describe the meals: Outstanding! Top notch! So tasty! Beautifully presented! Just exactly to our liking and requests! Thoughtfully customized to everyone’s individual needs! Can’t find enough positive adjectives — loved Shirelle!

Were specifically requested drinks on board? Yes

Comments-regarding any requested drinks: Yes, all on board. Everything we wanted and more!

Did the meals reflect your requested preferences? Yes

Comments-provisioning requests: Yes! Absolutely! Shirelle nailed it! Exactly the style and tastes we requested! Outstanding food!

The cook was outgoing: Yes

The cook was professional: Yes

The cook was friendly: Yes

The cook was eager to please: Yes

Did you have any problems with your flights? No


Comments-were our descriptions accurate? Exactly as we expected. We loved this boat and this crew!

Comments on our services – ways to improve: No issues of any kind

May we use you as a reference for this yacht? Yes

Flying High Above Serenity Now!

Beautiful photos of fun aboard Serenity Now!

Broker's Lunch at the BVI Boat show, November 8th 2017

I would be so grateful if you would extend my thanks and appreciation to Bret and Mallory aboard SERENITY NOW for the lovely broker lunch they served at the BVI Charter show.

The meal was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented. Bret and Mallory are a sweet couple, and they keep the cat in excellent condition.


April 2017 Charter ~ Note from the Broker

I just got off the phone with the charterers who sang your praises so nicely I got goose bumps!
They called on speaker phone to tell me what a truly wonderful experience it was.

The best vacation, wonderful experience, educational, awesome, the itinerary, the diving – Bret you are an excellent dive instructor, Mallory you cooking was amazing and a true culinary experience. Amanda how nice you are and your always friendly smile, so pleasant and how you wouldnt let them lift a finger… How nice the boat was.
Mrs. said there were tears and hugs at the end and the only negative comment they had was that they are now fully depressed being off the boat.

January 2017 - Group taking scuba lessons on Tellstar!

What a wonderful time!

Antigua Boat Show December 2016

Broker’s lunch on TellStar
SALAD – Roasted Golden Beets – white organic quinoa – marinated kale – candy pecans – goat cheese – creamy cashew balsamic vinaigrette.
FISH – Freshly caught Atlantic Mahi Mahi – forbidden rice – caramelized leek – butternut squash – grapefruit pinot griot reduction
CARNE – Lamb lollipop – shitaki mushroom risotto – crispy shallot – Chianti white truffle oil
DESSERT – Flourless hazelnut chocolate cake – ghiradeli frozen yoghurt – Frangelico whipped cream – Cointreau spiced cherries.

June 24 - July 15, 2016 � 3 weeks of Diving!

We were THRILLED with the charter, the best one ever!

Kind regards,
Mr. K.

June 9-13, 2016 ~ Bahamas Family Charter

We had a wonderful time! The crew were great with the kids, and I am hoping to re-book them in the future on the same boat.

I continue to put the yacht forward and think its a fantastic option for families.

Mr. D.

April 12 - 15, 2016 ~Bahamas ~ Tandem with Power Yacht Seaglass

Great trip!

The crews were top notch. They worked well together and all very accommodating.

We used a charter service, “fly the whale” for the transport to Staniel. The sea plane made it so easy.

Thanks so much for all the help!

Jan 8 2016

We all came on this trip with the same idea: to relax with our spouses and each other in this beautiful part of the world. We had no idea what to expect from the boat, the crew, the weather, etc. We could not have predicted how profoundly you (Bret, Mallory, Susie) have affected all of us this week and how grateful we are for the tremendous effort, talent, skill, and care you have given us. YOU have made this trip what we all wanted it to be and we could not have enjoyed it more. We all look forward to many more trips, as long as you all will be there.


Christmas Charter 2015

The one of a kind, fabulous, funny, creative, smart, handsome and beautiful, athletic, cool camp directors, polite, good listeners, teachers, world class sailors, better than brilliant, cute, Americans, loving family, laid back, beyond energetic, coordinated, welcoming, open, easy to be with, darling to look at, TALENTED TELL STAR CREW!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

Thanksgiving Charter 2015

Bret, Mallory & Steven We have had the BEST time on board Tell Star and can’t thank you enough for your hospitality. Some of the great memories well take home with us: Hikes, paddleboarding, poker, GoPro extreme, tubing, kayaking, water skiing, eating Mallorys yummy bread, spelling bees with the captain, sea scooter snorkeling, hot buttered rum candles, Thanksgiving dinner aboard the Tell Star, melon/cucumber sunscreen, jumping off the boat, sandbars, catching giant nurse sharks, so many amazing meals by Mallory, blow holes, Capt. Bret and his fearless sailing and his sixth sense of the weather. We are thankful for all of you. Xoxo Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

BVI 2015

Mallory, Chad, and Bret,
We had a fantastic week aboard the Tell Star. I have to say it was the most adventurous vaca ever. Between swimming & scuba with the sharks and hiking through mangroves, we managed to still have time to relax with the iguanas and drink the wine! We can’t wait to hopefully see you all again next year.

23-28 May, Abacos Islands Bahamas

Note from broker:
The guests had a fantastic time on board Tell Star. They said Mallory was amazing and they wanted to take her home with them. Thank you so much!

Guest poems:
I left my job, my duties, and my salary
To have a week of the most incredible food
All prepared by the beautiful Mallory.
I left my jeans, my make up, my jewelry and hair stylist
So I could be guided by the magnificent Tyler.
I left my apartment, my routine, my kids and my dad
So I could sail for a while with Captain Chad.
You made this vacation wonderful, never took us astray
Except for that one day stranded in Hatchet Bay.
But in all seriousness, from the bottom of my heart
Tell Star is amazing, the Bahamas are beautiful
Yet Mallory, Tyler, and Chad are the very best part!!!
Thank you,

Floating, sidelong glance at the
Joyous fiery sunrise passed
The hell hole of Hatchet Bay
We dream infinite leisure, sharks no
Matter, Chad and Tyler manage the sea
And our lofty expectations simultaneously
Whilst Mallory plies us with pure
Loving gastronomy & immaculate joy!
Mario & Susie

I eat all over the world, but I am never quite as happy as when I am basking on the Tellstar with Chef Mallory in charge of all things delicious. Chef Mal makes healthy tasty sexy food that makes the Tellstar and her kitchen one of my fave destinations in the world, wherever it floats .. as often as I can be there, I am there.

Mario B

31 January - 7 February 2015 BVI

Wow! What an incredible experience this week! The TellStar crew made our 25th anniversary party unforgettable. The food, the water sports, the scenery, and the hospitality were far beyond our hopes and expectations. Thank you for such a fun time! We hope our paths cross again. Steve and Mary-Kay

It’s hard to articulate our experience except to say perfect location, perfect yacht and most importantly perfect crew. Chad, Mallory and Tyler are so pleasant and so organized. They anticipated all of our needs and treated us better than any resort. We’ll always remember our 25th anniversary in the BVI. The experiences and awesome food and drinks will fuel our stories to others for years. Thank you guys! Becky and Marty.

Feedback to broker:
Our trip couldn’t have been any more fabulous. The crew made it more than special and we feel like we’ve made new friends!!! Their professionalism, knowledge, hospitality, and the amazing culinary expertise of Mallory were unsurpassed. And, of course … the fun factor!!! Thank you for turning around a not so good situation and making it such a memorable and wonderful time for us! I will not hesitate to recommend my friends to you but bear in mind that they will want to sail with Tell Star!!!

Xmas charter 2014 BVI

Excerpts from letter written to boat owner:
I have two sons, 19 and 17. I wanted them to have a great time with tons of activities. I read about Chad, Tyler and Mallory and loved your boat so this seemed like a good fit. It was beyond my optimism. You have real live jewels with these guys! My son and Chad caught fish that was on the table an hour later prepared by Tyler. When we were in Anegada, Tyler brought delicious spiny lobster for dinner. He worked so hard, plus entertaining us. Chad is the consummate Captain. Very dedicated, and available for us to enjoy all of his ideas, vast travel experience and take us on water activities.

You know these men well, but I am so pleased that I want you to hear just how great they are onboard. Of course, they are both darlingas well as intelligent, educated and full of ideas. We are a very social threesome and they joined in with us. As a mom, I loved their participation because I was able to have some down time to myself.

Your boat was new, immaculate and sophisticated. We all thought it was the nicest one we had ever chartered. Thank you for making available the the best trip ever. We did not want to leave! Marcie

May 2014 (Broker comments)

When I spoke with my client he was still in vacation mode. He said they had such a fabulous time that it is hard to get back in the “work’ mode. He sent me photos that the crew took and it seems like everyone was having fun! Dancing on the beach kept them entertained. They are happy with the trip and don’t be surprised if they come back!
I can tell you they are all still basking in happiness!

9th Anniversary Charter 2014

Chad and Tyler’s love of life and adventure is infectious and their epic experiences from around the world are positively inspiring. They were up for everything we desired and showed us plenty of phenomenal scenery and activities along the way, including teaching us an awesomely addictive beach game. Kayaking, snorkeling, rock climbing, hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, sailing – you name it, we did it – sometimes in combination! They are avid fisherman, so chances are high you’ll savor some freshly caught seafood deliciously prepared by Ty.

Chad makes the best painkiller in the islands and a pretty mean margarita to boot, so watch out or you might end up jumping off the roof of Willie T’s! We enjoyed swapping stories, relaxing, and most especially remembering what’s truly significant in life.

We cannot thank these extraordinary brothers enough for making our 9th anniversary a genuinely incredible experience and we look forward to sharing adventures together again soon.

Honeymoon Couple 17-22 Mar SXM

Broker Comments D – C&N:
The charter on Tell Star went really well and they were over the top, so thank you!!

Feb 8-14 BVI

Had a blast! Lots of fun activitieswent kayaking and fishing from the kayakcliff jumping was greatlearned to snorkel and stand up paddlereally enjoyed the trip!

Dec. 27 - Jan. 3 BVI Family Charter

Good charter – kids had a blast with the water toys and exploring the caves.

Lagoon 620 (2012) 'Serenity Now' Enquire

Charter Rates

High Rate: 28500.00 USD per week
Low Rate: 26000.00 USD per week
MCA Compliant: MCA Compliant
Rates are Inclusive

Taxes, re-location fees, cruising permits and licenses may be extra. Please verify with clearing house.

Cruising Permit:  Paid by Boat  Licenses:  Paid by Boat

Please not that while Horizon makes every effort to keep rates current, we do not accept responsibility for rate variations – All prices subject to change.
Seasonal/Individual Rates
Season Currency Terms 2 Pax 3 Pax 4 Pax 5 Pax 6 Pax
Summer 2021 US Dollars (Caribbean Terms) Inclusive $26,000 $27,000 $27,500 $28,000 $28,500
Winter 2021/2022 US Dollars (Caribbean Terms) Inclusive $26,000 $27,000 $27,500 $28,000 $28,500
Summer 2022 US Dollars (Caribbean Terms) Inclusive $26,000 $27,000 $27,500 $28,000 $28,500
Lagoon 620 (2012) 'Serenity Now' Terms & Conditions

Luxury Crewed Charter Rates

The Horizon Yacht Charters BVI Crewed Charter rates are for 7 nights per vessel and are based on the number of guests. Please see individual yacht pages for detailed specifications and charter rates. Horizon Yacht Charters luxury crewed yacht charters come complete with your own personal Captain & Chef (and in the larger yachts, first mate and hostess).  NB some yachts may be skipper only (with the option of a chef) – they are stated as such. Your meals aboard are included in the rate and prepared to your group’s individual preferences and dietary requirements. Beverages are also included but please note special requests for specific brands may be subject to an additional charge.  Watersports equipment (such as paddleboards, kayaks etc) are also included and some yachts offer all-inclusive diving.

High season rates typically apply from December to April, and Low season from May to November, but please do check the seasonal rates for your yacht.

Each individual crewed yacht may charge for certain additional expenses (e.g. National Park Permit, Cruising permit, different port collections or departures).  Please ask for a full breakdown of costs for your chosen yacht. Additional supplements may apply at Christmas and New Year.

All yachts come with tenders with outboards and safety equipment. Please review the individual yacht specification on our website for further details of available equipment and details of inclusions and exclusions.

Yacht photographs and specifications act as a guide and are for information purposes only.  Although we endeavour to ensure that images are accurate reflections of the yachts in our fleet, certain aspects may vary slightly.

Please note that our bareboat repeat client discount does not apply to our crewed charter fleet.


C = Cabins, H = Heads, AC = Air Conditioning

Supplements to the published rates may apply during Christmas and New Year periods. Please contact us for confirmation of rates.

Charter Rates shown above are for 7 nights per vessel (Christmas and New Year supplements on selected yachts). Crewed Charters usually start at noon and finish at noon, but please do check times for your particular yacht.

An Environmental levy of $10 per head is payable by all visitors to the BVI on arrival (effective 1st Sept 2017).

Bookings and Cancellations – We require a 50% deposit to confirm the reservation and the balance due of 50% no later than 45 days prior to charter start date. A smaller deposit and interim fee may be acceptable for bookings made more than 12 months in advance. Cancellation fees apply, and vary from yacht-to-yacht. Please check the specific terms for your yacht at the time of booking.

Trip Cancellation Insurance: We strongly recommended this as it protects you should anything unforeseen occur before your holiday. Click Here for more details.

Conditions apply to all charters. Crewed Charter Rates are subject to change without notice.

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