Are there any mooring fees?

Moorings are available in some locations such as:

  • Moliniere Marine Park, Grenada west coast. NO anchoring here.
  • Sandy Island, Carriacou
  • Tobago Cays (but most boats still anchor)
  • Canouan (in front of Tamarind Beach Hotel only)
  • Mustique (no anchoring allowed here)
  • Bequia

Moorings normally cost around EC$40/ US$15 per night. Mustique charges around EC$200/ US$75 but you are allowed to stay 3 nights for this fee if you wish. Please note there are moorings in other locations also but of doubtful quality and ownership (especially Clifton Harbour, Union Island). In any event you should always check the mooring for damage before trusting it.

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