When are the best times of year to schedule a charter in the Grenadines?

Anytime is good to charter! Some guidelines:

  • The most popular time is mid December to end April – the “traditional” Caribbean season. Dry season runs January – May but expect a quick shower at any time. It is coolest from Jan – March. Anchorages can get busy but are never crowded out. Winds are normally from the NE between 15 – 25 knots but can occasionally reach 30 knots as in what is known as the “Christmas Winds”.
  • Between May and December is the rainy season caused by periodic tropical waves crossing the islands. This brings showers and thunderstorms but does not normally last more than a few hours. Temperatures are slightly higher than the winter months but the breeze keeps things cool especially on a boat. Anchorages can be very quiet with small numbers of yachts – perfect for getting away from it all. June – November is hurricane season but the chance of being affected by one in the Southern Caribbean is very low.

You should also note the regattas and other activities that happen in the Grenadines – for more information see our “What’s Happening” page

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