Horizon Grenadines Director Visits Croatia!

DSC02985Horizon Grenada & St Vincent Base Director Jacqui Pascall visited Zagreb, Croatia in March 2016. Read on to hear all about it!

“Croatia in the middle of March was not an ideal time for a girl who is used to 30 degrees plus warmth and tropical breezes – but once the flights were booked the excitement of visiting this historic city kicked in.

Having googled the old city and actual location of Zagreb I knew it was necessary to have at least a day before the show began to explore and see the stunning architecture that started in medieval times.

I was not disappointed as I walked around exploring and taking the photos below. The old city walls that once protected the church and her people were very much in evidence except a small area that was removed during the communist era to make way for a traffic island and road…

The ICE show was a great gathering for the industry players, manufacturers of charter yacht fleets, charter yacht fleet providers and international yacht brokers. I was attending with 8 other Caribbean charter companies under the Sedna banner. We had a colourful stand with bar area so we could offer cocktails at the appropriate hour. The Horizon Happy video was enjoyed and added to the tropical atmosphere.

With meetings arranged in advance I was able to make the best use of the three days of the show, introducing myself to many European brokers many of whom were looking to expand on what territory they normally would offer. I also met with yacht builders keen to sell into our charter fleet with the latest designs and technology on show.

Even though many of the agents specifically promoted summer sailing in Croatia and the Med, they were very keen to learn about the wonderful Grenadines. I shared our local spices and chocolate as well as the famous Westerhall rum. For many the long winter months without sunshine or sailing is hard so the idea to sail with us in the Grenadines was very appealing.”

Horizon is the only charter company with bases in both Grenada and St Vincent, allowing charter guests to choose from one-way or each-way charters through the beautiful island chain if the Grenadines.

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