Horizon Yacht Charters 3 bases in the Caribbean islands are welcoming guests for the charter season. While their bases in Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines have been open to tourists for some time now, the base in the British Virgin Islands is set to open on December 1. This is excellent news for Horizon Yacht Charters, as the company will be able to get back to doing what they do best – fantastic sailing charters in the Caribbean. Although charters were halted for a while, Horizon as a whole has been able to use this time to evaluate their current processes and discover how they can adapt to this new normal.


Open since July, Horizon Yacht Charters in Grenada requires visitors to present a negative PCR test taken within seven days of travel, health declaration forms, and waivers and download the Ronatrac mobile app for contact tracing.  Forms can be found at https://covid19.gov.gd. Horizon’s base is located at the True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, which is on the list of Pure Safe Accommodations.  More information can be found at https://www.puregrenada.com/where-to-stay/true-blue-bay-resort. Visitors must quarantine at the hotel for the first seven days and then have the option to get a PCR test to move about the island if found negative.


Horizon’s base at St. Vincent and the Grenadines, also open since July, requires travellers to complete a pre-arrival form, arrive with a negative Covid-19 test completed within seven days before arrival, must be retested upon arrival in St. Vincent and quarantine for five days in their hotel. With a negative test result, guests can then start their sailing charter but must be monitored by SVG Arrivals for up to 9 days. Horizon’s base is located at the Blue Lagoon Hotel & Marina, which is on the list of approved accommodations for Quarantine. Forms for visitors can be found online at https://stv.servicedx.com/formmgmt/travelform.


“Throughout the entire Covid-19 pandemic, we have been working closely with our guests, providing them with up to date information and helping them to reschedule charters when necessary and without penalty,” states James Pascall, director of Horizon in Grenada and St. Vincent.


Visitors to the base at the British Virgin Islands after December 1, 2020, requires proof of negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 3-5 days before the day of travel, depending on arrival country, proof of medical coverage, and must complete a travel declaration and upload test results before boarding flight. Visitors must also wear a tracking bracelet and download a contract tracing app, use approved transportation, and quarantine for 4 days at their hotel. You can find all of the information at https://bvigateway.bviaacloud.com/.


“Planning a sailing charter to the Caribbean islands is one of the safest ways to travel during the pandemic,” said Andrew Thompson, Director of Horizon Yacht Charters. “We are excited to welcome our charter guests and know that they will experience the most amazing time sailing these islands. The first four days of quarantine can be spent sailing around the islands to many designated anchorages, so clients can also enjoy swimming and snorkelling from their pre-provisioned and prepared yachts.  After their negative 4th day test (testing stations will be set up around all the islands), clients are free to sail and go ashore wherever they wish.”

Having arrived in the BVI in the mid-80s, Sylvia Driver, Director of Horizon Yacht Charters said “I have never seen so much marine life, dolphins, and turtles. Our environment has benefitted from the tourism break, and it’s looking even more beautiful wherever you go. Now truly is the best time to make plans for your trip to experience the underwater wonders of the BVI.”


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