Please take a moment to read this blog piece from one of our recent charter guests in the BVI – they had a great time!

Our BVI base has re-opened, and we have SIX NEW YACHTS! We’re delighted with the arrival of a beautiful, brand new Saba 50 catamaran with 5 cabins, 5 Heads and with air conditioning. We have also commissioned 4 more shiny brand new yachts:

We also have a new Lagoon 42, 3 Cabin catamaran joining us too – just for the high season (through to April 15th) with space available! You can take a look at a video of ‘New Beginnings’ test sail (in the Bight off Norman Island) on our Youtube channel here!

Please take a look at our latest blog piece – some amazing news!

Horizon Yacht Charters in the BVI is pleased to announce the arrival of a beautiful, brand new Saba 50 with 5 cabins, 5 Heads and Air conditioning. And this week, we are offloading 4 more shiny brand new yachts from a container ship in St Thomas:

As soon as these yachts are commissioned and made charter-ready, they will be going into charter service in the BVI by mid-December and have space available for Christmas and New Year bookings!

We also have a new Lagoon 42, 3 Cabin catamaran joining us too – just for the high season (through to April 15th) with space available!

We are opening our base at Nanny Cay Marina full time on January 6th, 2018 with this core fleet of brand new yachts, plus by the end of January 2018 we will have a further 6 yachts fully repaired and looking like new again. So by April 2018, we will have a total fleet of around 20 yachts in the BVI.

The British Virgin Islands as a country continues to improve daily, and everyone is working very hard to rebuild and recover after the terrible storms that this hurricane season presented to us. Its lovely to see how hopeful and positive everyone is for the future; people take the time to smile, chat and generally a caring spirit is very prevalent in all walks of life. Horizon Yacht Charters BVI has been in business in these islands since 1998, and we feel that this season will be like stepping back in time a couple of decades, so if you remember how it used to be here in the “old days” and miss those quiet anchorages, and old world feel, we know you are going to love the vintage BVI! The mooring balls are still there, but gone is the race to get to them at the end of the day! And many beach bars and restaurants are open already for business and others will be opening very soon.

The hills are green again, and many beaches on the outer islands remain as beautiful as ever. Environmental committees have been snorkeling various areas to assess clean up needs especially in more populated areas such as Cane Garden Bay. There is a lot of work being done to ensure that our environment returns to its pristine state, and the beaches and waters are safe for everyone to enjoy. The famous Wreck of the Rhone commemorated its 150th Anniversary recently, and divers were surprised and pleased to see how little it was affected by Irma and Maria.   We love this website – – it’s a great resource for seeing the progress made on the islands and to find out what services are available.

The supermarkets are always stocked with fresh products and the flights into each of Beef Island, Tortola (EIS) and St Thomas (STT), as well as the ferries, are running well.

We know that if you decide to sail with us in 2018 you will have a wonderful experience, as each and every one of us relies upon our wonderful visitors for our income and economy, and you will be welcomed with open arms as you will forever become part of our recovery efforts.

Annapolis Boat Show was an incredible show for us this year. We were overwhelmed with the support and love shown by our charter clients and yacht owners following the passage of Irma through the BVI base on Sept 6th. We would like to thank you all for taking the time to come and visit with us, and for your kindness and your many generous donations to our Staff Irma Relief Fund. Here is the link again, as so many of you asked us for this at the boat show: BVI Fleet Update – we have 7 brand new yachts on their way to us, 5 of which arrive in November and the remaining 2 will arrive in the Spring. The new yachts arriving first are a Saba 50 catamaran, Cruiser 46, two Cruiser 41s and a Cruiser 37, and two Helia 44 catamarans arriving next year. We were very pleased to see so many of our yacht owners committing to buy new yachts at the show with us too! We also have 14 yachts that are being repaired for charter service as well. By this time next year, we will have a fleet of approximately 25-30 yachts again in the BVI, most of which will be brand new. We are commencing charters out of the BVI from January 6th, 2018 so please enquire with our BVI base for bookings – you can submit a Reservation Request here). If you had a booking on a yacht that was written off and you were waiting to see what the future would hold, please contact to see if you can be switched to a new yacht. Please note that our landlines and toll free numbers are still not in operation at the BVI base, so we can only accept emails. While the BVI may not be so beautiful as previous years as we lost so many trees, and many buildings will be undergoing reconstruction, the water is still clear and blue, the beaches are amazing and the tradewinds still constant. Many beach bars and outer islands are aiming at opening in December, so choices may be somewhat limited for options ashore initially, but there will be enough open for you to enjoy land-based cocktails at sunset and the occasional dinner ashore. We sincerely hope that you will be able to come and sail with us, and support the recovery of the BVI, so we can be even better and stronger than before. Our Antigua, St Vincent and Grenada bases are filling up fast, so if you would like to try one of our other bases for your charter this year, please do not hesitate to contact them. If your chosen yacht in the BVI is no longer available, these bases may also be able to accommodate your charter, so please talk to our partners there directly. Maybe its time to discover the delights of these enchanting cruising grounds! Thank you again for your continued support. The BVI is our home and we have lived here for decades. We are all working very hard to ensure that it recovers quickly, and we know that your sailing playground will be back up and running better than ever, and you will be warmly welcomed by us all in the islands. We look forward to seeing you!

Please watch our latest video update. You can donate to our staff appeal fund here.

Following Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria touched the BVI as a probable Category 1 or 2, causing more damage to roads and flooding. The BVI thankfully escaped the devastating Category 5 winds that unfortunately went over Dominica and caused severe damage, and our wonderful neighbours in Puerto Rico bore the brunt … the Puerto Rican Navy (as they are affectionately called here in the BVI) were the first to offer assistance to the BVI when we were stricken after Hurricane Irma. Our hearts and prayers go out to them all. Horizon Yacht Charters in the BVI sustained further damage to our already debilitated office, and it has taken us some time to clear up the water and fix back the repairs to the roof. We apologise for the further delay but we will be able to function out of our office from Monday 25th September. A couple of yachts that we thought could be repaired, are now losses. On the upside, we have 3 brand new yachts en route, we are ordering new yachts for the BVI fleet and have new yacht sales under way, so 2018 will see a fleet of shiny new yachts on our docks at Nanny Cay Marina! Nanny Cay Marina is improving daily, with its own generator, reverse osmosis plant and other services in operation. We are awaiting the arrival of the new docks in a month or so, and the marina owners are being extremely helpful to all businesses and residents to help us recover from this natural disaster. If you have a charter booked with the BVI base, we will be sending you a personal message next week to tell you more about options available to you. Our bases in AntiguaGrenada and St Vincent are also standing by, ready to assist you in relocating your charter if you wish to do so. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Horizon Yacht Sales will be on the Bavaria factory stand at the Annapolis Boat Show, October 5-9, 2017. We will be displaying our new Open 46 Bavaria Catamaran and there will be a range of monohulls there too. HYC Grenada will also be there, and will be assisting clients to relocate charters as well as book new ones for all 3 down-island bases which are fully operational. Now is the time to discover the delights of these cruising grounds! Our amazing staff are in good spirits and are working hard to finish assessing damage, and tidy up the base and get operational again. Some staff have very little left, and we ask that you kindly consider donating to our HYC BVI Staff fund. Any amount will be gratefully received. Thank you again for your support, and we will post further updates in the next few days.

We would like to provide you with an update on our operations following the passage of Hurricane Irma on Wednesday 6th September. Horizon’s base in the British Virgin Islands was severely impacted by the storm. We’re pleased to confirm that our bases in AntiguaGrenada and St Vincent were not impacted, and are fully operational. In the BVI, our first priority has been to confirm the whereabouts and well-being of our staff. Communications have been very limited since the storm, and we are very happy and relieved to report that all are now accounted for. Our BVI Base at Nanny Cay experienced varying levels of damage. Power, water and limited communications were restored to Nanny Cay Marina on Monday 11th Sept. Our offices experienced superficial damage, so with the restoration of utilities we are seeking to return office operations to normality by the end of this week. The docks in the inner marina of Nanny Cay – where our yachts are located – were destroyed by the storm. Nanny Cay have already ordered new docks that will arrive in the next 6 weeks, which is excellent news. Many of our charter yachts experienced damage as a result of the storm. We have commenced the process of inspecting each yacht, but this will take some time. As news becomes available on specific yachts we will report back to charter guests and owners accordingly. We hope that by next week we will have a much better understanding of which yachts survived and are repairable. If you have a charter booked with our BVI base, we will contact  you as soon as we are able to discuss your options. This will be linked to our yacht-assessment work, so please bear with us whilst we gather all the information required to provide you with a complete picture. We are advising that those of you with charters booked up to Jan 5th, 2018 consider switching destinations to either Antigua, St Vincent or Grenada, providing flights can be changed.  All 3 destinations have direct flights from the US and other direct services. Our staff are ready to provide assistance – please contact the base that is of interest to you directly on the links provided in this email. We would like to thank everyone who has expressed their support at this most challenging of times – the outpouring of help and good wishes has been overwhelming and heartwarming. If you would like to make a donation to Hurricane Irma relief in the BVI, you may do so at one of the many worthy organisations listed on We encourage each and every one of you to copy this link and distribute it to all your friends, sailing club members or anyone else who has a love of the BVI. We will recover and rebuild in the BVI, but this will need some time, but with your help we know we will be better and stronger than ever. Our bases in AntiguaGrenada and St Vincent all provide superb Caribbean sailing vacations, so please do contact them when you’re considering your next charter. With our sincere thanks for your ongoing support.

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