Why You Should Book Our Sail, Kite & Chill Adventure for 2021

Sail, Kite & Chill Adventure

Yes, we know it’s only 2020 but our fleet is booking fast for 2021 so we wanted to send you a quick heads-up!  Book soon for the next Tommy Gaunt Anegada Kite and Paddle Festival.  This is what you missed a few short weeks ago. Don’t miss you chance for amazing Sail, Kite & Chill Adventure.

Written by Andrew Thompson

Director and co-founder of Horizon AND keen sailor and kiter.

The 4th annual Tommy Gaunt Anegada Kite and Paddle festival went off and up in style over the weekend of January 11 and 12th 2020.

The forecast was for big breeze and, with such a forecast, and the promise of a great limin’ weekend, we set off sailing for the beautiful island of Anegada.  It was to be a great crowd, locals, visitors and some International visitors such as Graham Harney from Canada and Jake Kelsick and Megan Grant from Antigua.

Tommy Gaunt and Kezzia Gray were jumping on the ferry so we pitched in to help load the ferry with additional SUPs from the BVISUPCo, and some funky Indonesian carved prizes from Arawak.

With the breeze building, Tommy’s kite instructor wingmen were on hand to help unload on Anegada.  Josh and Jordan helped muscle the boards across the dock and everyone headed for the north shore.

For those not yet familiar with our islands, Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing is based at Keel Point, home to Anegada Beach Club, (ABC) where most festivities were happening.

Friday afternoon provided some with the opportunity to kite in challenging conditions, while others headed off around this paradise island to visit the iguana sanctuary, watch flamingoes in their natural habitat across the salt ponds and sea shoals, or simply lime on the endless pristine beach that encircles Anegada.

Anegada Beach Club filled up through the afternoon and into Saturday morning, where registration for the event was a relaxed affair due to everyone being pre booked (care of Ticket Fairy).

With such fabulous conditions and some world class kiters attending we were stoked for a downwinder from Windlass Bight back to Keel Point, whilst being able to pick up

Some really useful tips from the pros. Visit out Sail & Kite in BVI page to watch some of our sailing and kiting footage.

Big breeze is also great for paddle boarding, as long as you don’t have to paddle into the wind and waves 😉 So of course all the paddlers loved the downwinder from Windlass as well.

Azure waters, with the northern hemispheres 4th largest barrier reef on one side and endless beach on the other; life doesn’t get much better than this.

Lunch was a delicious buffet of ribs, chicken, mahi mahi all included in the festival ticket and served by the great team at ABC.

The afternoon ‘expression session’ as Tommy titled it, started soon after lunch right off the beach. The talented guys and girls had 20-minute slots, of 4-5 riders out at a time, to impress the judges and wow the crowds. The heats filtered into a 5-minute final, which was akin to a cirque de soleil on water – with the acrobats on kites, not trapezes, pinging into the ‘ego zone’ from every angle.

Tommy ‘MC’ Gaunt definitely has a second career with mic in hand if his knees ever play up.

The level of riding was off the charts – Jake Kelsick laying down a quiver of perfectly executed tricks, whilst Jordan from the UK and Dylan from Puerto Rico were ‘lit and sick’. Hard charging after tacking on the beach, they hit 60ft of air with mega kite loops and floated downwind over 200ft, nailing the landings almost every time. Graham Harney, who is competing on the strapless board pro circuit appeared to have been born with a surfboard in one hand and a kite in the other. If kiting is 80 per cent kite skills and 20 per cent board skills, he was nailing it all at 99 per cent. Inspirational.

These guys were standout, but there was a depth of talent – and ages from 20 through 50 plus and of course some big crashes 😊 That said, everyone was bar in and up and riding again in moments.

Saturday evening brought more fabulous food at ABC, with poolside dining, prize giving, an awesome DJ poolside and dancing.

Sunday dawned with the breeze still pegged at around 30mph, and a downwinder from Windlass Bight all the way to Cow Wreck was the perfect remedy for a few tired heads.

You can also take one of our Sail and Kite trips in Grenada, visit out Sail & Kite Activities page to read more. Whether you are a total beginner or seasoned pro, if you are looking to get off the grid, and on a kite board or SUP this year or during 2021 for the next major Festival, be sure to book your trip with us SOON.

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