Sailing the BVI Post-Irma

Sailing the BVI Post-Irma…

I wanted to share our experience of sailing the BVI from Dec 30th to the 8th of Jan. Having been sailing in the BVI for over 20 years, I must admit I was a bit apprehensive as to what the condition of the islands were in after the 2 big hurricanes and what would peoples’ spirits be like when we arrived.

One word – FANTASTIC!!!! Incredible weather, beautiful turquoise blue crystal clear waters, mind-blowing sunsets and a warmth among the community like I have never witnessed before. There is something magical about these islands, something that draws warmth and love. Norman’s (Pirates Bight) rocked on New year’s eve! Nanny Cay Beach Bar is crazy fun as usual, the Baths are perfect and not very crowded! Cow Wreck Beach and Belles beach bar on Anegada is simply gorgeous as always. Soggy Dollar and Foxy’s are back and all the fun is still there, and the diving never ceases to amaze me. Yes there is some rebuilding going on and some areas are better than others, but the green hills are back, the wind blows steady and the spirit is very much alive.

My advice, come back to the BVI – the BVI is VERY much alive!

A special thanks to Giles from Horizon Yacht Charters, a good friend and the best support any yacht charter could ever have!

John d’Arbeloff
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