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Bernadette Noel’s BVI Reccomendation: When I have friends and family to stay, I love to take them to Belmont Estate; it’s one of my favourite places on Grenada.  It’s a 17th century plantation and a tranquil haven set in St Patrick’s region – a region about an hour to an hour and a half drive from our base in True Blue Bay.  What I really like is the way that they follow our ancestor’s traditions for farming and cooking and they love to share this with you.

The Estate has been in the same family for generations and it’s a powerful reminder of times gone by; from the way they cook on the traditional coal pots, to the way they grow their organic vegetables.   You can still see many of their cooking processes used by the Grenada people out in the countryside.

What I like to do is to include Belmont Estate as a lunch and afternoon spot on an island tour.  So take in the waterfalls on the way and make a full day of it.

I can recommend any of the fish dishes as they are a particular favourite of mine and also the ‘golden apple’ local juice.  They also make a wonderful passion fruit juice – all locally grown and sourced.   You may have heard of one of our national dishes called “Oil down”?  You can order this at Belmont too; a mix of chicken, callaloo, dumplings and breadfruit.  It’s an incredibly hearty and tasty one-pot meal.

Make sure that you make time to take a nature tour of their beautiful grounds; you’ll need the exercise after eating the Oil down!  Also experience how they dry their spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon and how they make amazing chocolate dessert from the cocoa.   The parrots, monkey and other wildlife are fun to watch!

For a tranquil day full of hearty, healthy food, you will love Belmont Estate!

A good meal is around EC$60 per head and this includes your juice.  Remember no alcohol is served here but keep some money back for the chocolate souvenirs!

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