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Recommendations from Guy Phoenix at Horizon Yacht Charters.

I’m incredibly fortunate to live in the British Virgin Islands – in fact I moved here because of the sailing! So where to start with my picks for favourite places and activities?

I decided to choose one place and one place only – Anegada. Whenever a race or event comes up in Anegada, I always have the same thought – “I can’t take the 2/3/4 days off to sail up etc, I’m too busy at work”. So I have to force myself (or give in to cajoling by friends and family).

So I go, albeit reluctantly.

And then I get there. And I never want to leave!

Anegada is a low-lying coral island (I’m told its highest point is just 28 feet above sea level). So when you sail up I like to play a game with everyone else on the yacht – ‘first to spot Anegada’. It’s fun, because the first thing you see is the tops of palm trees from afar. Then as you get closer the island and coastline start to take shape, until finally (with relief) you spot the channel markers for the Anegada Reef Hotel.

Once I’m moored or anchored, I always head straight to one of the beachside restaurants and make sure I book a table for the evening and pre-order Anegada lobster (when in season). It’s not that you are likely to miss-out, I just like to be absolutely certain that I won’t. Grilled Anegada lobster, eaten on the beach in Anegada, is a life-experience that must be done!

During the day I like to head to the North shore. Loblolly bay and Cow Wreck Beach are both great spots. You can actually walk along the never-ending between the two – at a leisurely pace it takes about 90 minutes. If you get too hot you can always go for a swim. It’s a great spot to view sealife as well – thanks to the protection of the Reef there are plenty of fish, turtles and rays to see, just from the beach. Look out for the occasional shark too – don’t worry, they’re mostly small and not interested in humans…!

Amongst other things to see and do is

  • The colony of flamingos that lives offshore to the South East of the island – magnificent
  • Dune bashing in 4x4s or off-road motorbikes – you can rent them on island
  • Hang out at Anegada Beach Club – great food and vibe

And so much more!

Now that I’ve written this piece, I’m finding myself yearning to book my next trip!

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