Turtle Swimming

Recommendations from Jon McKenna at Horizon Yacht Charters.

Finding Nemo

“One of my favourite things to do on a day or two off work is to snorkel the amazing reefs straight off the pristine beaches on the North Side of Anegada.  Anegada is roughly 30 miles from Nanny Cay with a population of around 280 people. It takes about an hour in my 29’ Intrepid Centre Console power boat.  If I choose to sail there, it’s a 5 to 6-hour sail on a lovely beam reach once we pass ‘The Dog’s’, another great lunch stop and snorkelling spot!  On my boat, “Chief”, I can be there in an hour which is just perfect.  You can anchor on the south of the island or pick up a mooring buoy and take your pick from the multitude of restaurants for lunch before exploring this little piece of paradise which boasts the 4th largest barrier coral reef on earth!  The island itself is flat and low; the highest point is just 28 feet above sea level.

Jon Mckenna

I’ve lived in the BVI since 2005 and this place is always special.

The reef that surrounds the coast of Anegada is called Horseshoe Reef.  The reef makes it a well-protected snorkelling spot, particularly on the North Side; thousands of miles of ocean ahead of you and eventually, Canada and Greenland!  The beach gently shelves down to the water and the sand is the whitest and softest you will find.

From the beach, you just step into the water, swim out a little and immediately you see an array of marine life.  It is shallow and the reef is just 80 yards or so from the beach.  The colours are spectacular; every colour under the sun.  You’ll see Parrotfish, Squirrelfish, Blue Tangs, Snapper, Sergeant Majors and the occasional stingray.  You might have a turtle or two as company, which is always incredible.

The water is crystal clear.

Along the northern stretch of beach are 3 or 4 beach bars where you can pick up Anegada lobster and a cold Heineken or two.  We’re not talking high-end restaurants; these are ‘feet in the sand’ places where you would feel overdressed if you had on a long-sleeved T-Shirt!  Finish the day off with a Captain Morgan and Coke and enjoy the most spectacular sunsets the Caribbean has to offer.  Anegada truly is amazing.”

Jon McKenna, Operations Manager, Horizon Yacht Charters BVI res@horizonyachtcharters.com

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