Vacation like Royalty

I often wondered what it would be like to vacation like royalty!  Never having to clear the snow from your yard or bundle the kids into a car for swim practice whilst remembering to leave something out for dinner.  That was until I chanced upon an all-inclusive luxury crewed catamaran vacation last November.

Imagine a morning where you stumble out of your cabin and you’re met with the smell of pancakes and crispy bacon.  You sit down at the large, beautifully set table looking at the Caribbean waking up and a cup of coffee miraculously appears.  That was my first morning and I had 7 more of those!

The beauty of a Horizon crewed vacation afloat is that you don’t have to think about anything.  For once, your only thoughts are focused around how you are going to spend a day on the water and, importantly for some of us hailing from colder climes, in the endless sunshine.

Our Captain was amazing; he was from the island of St Vincent and had sailed the Grenadines all his life.  He used to have a dive shop in Union Island so his knowledge underwater was matched only by his knowledge above it.  He was quick to read our group; one was a late sleeper with an aversion to exercise, one an early riser who liked to swim a few laps of the boat before breakfast and the rest somewhere in between.

When we were all together; some of us over a 2nd cup of coffee, our Captain would chat about where we could sail to that day and what we could experience.  We loved to pore over the charts and imagine ourselves early explorers, setting out to find new continents!  For some, the morning would be spent trying their hand at kite-surfing for the first time and, for the rest of us, it was to look for the infamous Iguana’s inland from the beach.  Our dinghy would be prepared for us and our only responsibility was to remember to put on plenty of sunblock as it was going to another hot one.

Off we all bundled in our various directions; carefree and clutching pieces of fruit for our friendly Iguana. They are friendly, right?!  Meanwhile, Chef Laura would set about tidying and probably marinating the lamb for lunch.

So a pattern would emerge; eat, sail, explore, relax, laugh.  Did I mention eat?  Luckily, Laura was very conscious of all our whims when it came to eating this, that and the other; so nothing was a problem and we always ate healthily and heartily; the best combination.

There were so many special moments on that Horizon trip that standout but, overall, it was refreshing to be less ordinary for a change and to have a more extraordinary life – even for just a week or so.  Be sure to take an all-inclusive luxury crewed vacation at least once. Vacation like Royalty!

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