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Here’s a wonderful account from one of our guests who made the decision to move from a luxury villa to a luxury yacht; and the family and their friends have never looked back.  We hope you enjoy reading this.

It suddenly dawned on me a few years ago, whilst I was enjoying a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea from my rented hilltop Villa, “I’d rather be on that beautiful luxury yacht looking up here than lying on my day-bed watching them”.  So I set about convincing my family to make the change and we’ve never looked back.  Here are the arguments I used as part of my “Operation Floating Villa” mission!


My perfect vacation is a vacation that involves us not doing any cooking, buying food, cleaning or perhaps even thinking.  We work hard all year rushing around after our children, our neighbours, our extended family etc. that our vacations represent such precious time and we don’t want to waste a moment on these activities.  We certainly don’t want to waste a minute having to think about meals.  When you enjoy a luxury yacht vacation experience, your staff are all onboard, just as they are close by in your luxury villa.  Your staff look after your every need; from sailing to the next beautiful anchorage, to cleaning your bedroom and bathroom.  We had to get used to calling them “Crew”!


Luxury crewed food

The cuisine that we are treated to is simply divine.  Our Chef will always ask us what kind of cuisine we enjoy and, equally importantly, if you have picky children, they will also ask what we least enjoy.  Nothing is too much trouble and the standard of Chefs that we have experienced is first class.  Even though we prefer a healthier menu, occasionally we do enjoy an indulgent moment such as chocolate soufflé or BBQ’d fresh pineapple with local rum custard.  We are foodies at heart and it’s a delight to enjoy such quality meals onboard.  We are even learning to call the ‘kitchen’ the ‘galley’.   All the produce is sourced locally which is super for the children to experience different fruits and other produce that is unique to that particular Caribbean island.  We’ve even seen our Captain collect his own coconut from a nearby palm tree to make us a delightful virgin Pina Colada.  The bubbles, wine and other drink selection onboard is vast.  With every cocktail comes a canapé selection beautifully presented.


Floating Villa Caribbean

The range of activities is endless.  Of course, being on a private yacht the activities are more water and beach-based.  What we love is hearing the children on the SUPs or the kayaks having a wonderful time.  We have finally found a vacation where the tablet is consigned to the bedroom for most of the time.  This type of yacht vacation is also the perfect time to try new activities; perhaps we’ll try Kitesurfing for the first time on our next vacation.  We particularly enjoy having our own small boat driver; also known as our ‘tender’ driver.  When we are ready to head ashore to explore, or perhaps to have a cocktail or two at sunset, our driver will whisk us ashore and collect us when we are ready to have dinner.  We love this flexibility because it means that we can enjoy different experiences at different times.


We realized that we were taking excursions from our Villa to reach new and different beaches when we could simply be sailing to those stunning places.  Some of the places that we stop at for the day are also only accessible by yacht; so we had been missing out on sharing those amazing places with our family.   We particularly love snorkelling and seeing all the beautiful marine life.  Our crew has books on board to help us to name what we’ve seen; which is even more special for the children.  The crew are also very attentive and will snorkel with us if any of our group is not so confident in the water.   It’s the little touches like this that make the vacation so stress-free.


Just as we used to work with a dedicated Concierge service for a Caribbean Villa vacation, we also have our dedicated Luxury Yacht Broker to help us select the perfect yacht and Caribbean island for us.  We’ve worked with our Broker many times now and it’s wonderful that she knows exactly what we enjoy and what to recommend.  Our Luxury Yacht Broker personally inspects every yacht and meets all of the staff on board so that our needs are perfectly matched from the moment we step on board.  We can call our Broker direct at any time and she will answer any questions we have.


Power Cat Ohana

We’ve had so many special occasions on board; birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones.  It’s made more special by the attentiveness of our crew and the little touches they bring to each event.  Everything is tailored to us and we are very grateful for that attention to detail.  Of course, it helps to let them know in advance that our trip is to celebrate our 50th, or our anniversary, for example.


The size of the private yachts available to you is such that you can decide to extend an invitation to a wider group of friends, or just have a more intimate vacation with just the two of you.  Either way, it works very well with most friends having their own bedroom and bathroom.  It is worth checking with your Luxury Yacht Broker to ensure this is the case.


What I really love about a vacation aboard a private yacht is that all of the tiny details are taken care of.  From guidance on flights and airlines, and ferries occasionally, to the driver at the airport who is ready to whisk us off to the Marina and our beautiful yacht and having our favourite soda’s chilled onboard; everything has been thought of.  Indulgent but so appreciated.

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