This month, we are featuring the stunning Nautitech 40 Open. Designed by the legendary Marc Lombard, the Nautitech 40 Open is a perfect mix of performance sailing and comfortable open living. Great for two people, families or groups of friends.

Gareth Reeves, Owner of “Duality” (2020) in the Horizon BVI fleet
“I’d love to capture the feeling that I will probably never forget from one of our first days of sailing her. We’re heading from Norman to Cooper Island. The true wind is at 22kts and the apparent is close to 30. Every boat around is reefed or on their sides. We have full sail up and are doing over 10kts. The kids are running around the boat and playing on the trampolines and I am having one of the best sailing moments of my life. It was simply incredible. She’s an incredible boat to be able to do that.”

The Nautitech Open 40 delivers real feel through the helm, more akin to a monohull than a catamaran. The bimini covered helms are on each hull, meaning you will always ‘drive’ the boat from a position where you have good visibility forward and aft. And you’ll see all four corners of the boat. You are also closer to the water and really get great connectivity with the sea, plus you get a great view of the sail plan and are right next to the sail controls.

She is great for the crew too as she is a very social boat. When sailing, or motoring, the crew is in the same living space as the skipper. Helm and cockpit are on the same level and it is a very short step to pass a drink or a sandwich, plus communication is easy. There’s also plenty of space for chatting or reading or just simply relaxing.

She handles exceptionally well and easy to dock alongside. Even when the dock is on the opposite side of the boat it’s easy as you can see through the saloon windows to the bow and across the boat to the stern. (The new 3 cabin version coming to the BVI in Feb 2020 also has throttles at both helms and this makes easy docking even easier.) Another feature you’ll enjoy is the way the saloon and galley open seamlessly into the cockpit, providing a huge interconnected living area at anchor. Great for parties and inviting friends from other boats over.

A hard bimini covers the cockpit living space for sun protection and, if you choose, drop-down panels allow you to air-condition the saloon and entire cockpit at anchor. At lunch or dinner, you can seat eight people with ease at the cockpit table and enjoy panoramic views throughout the cockpit and saloon. Upfront you have a large trampoline for sun-worshippers and the aft transoms are low to the water making boarding from the dinghy a breeze.

Spacious double berths, either 3 or 4 cabin versions are available for charter in the BVI; air-conditioning, fusion music systems, autopilot and self-tacking jibs add to the comfort aboard and ease of sailing.

In 18 knots of breeze, the Nautitech 40 Open will go upwind better than 40 degrees apparent, with 8 knots boat speed; unheard of for a cruising catamaran without daggerboards. Go slightly off-wind there is even more speed to be had.

The Nautitech 40 Open is a very well thought out catamaran, with a remarkable turn of speed and handling to match. When you charter one in the BVI you’ll elevate your Caribbean sailing vacation to another level.

Susan Barner, Owner of Double Expresso (2016) in the Horizon BVI fleet
“We absolutely love the ability to completely disconnect from our busy lives and reconnect as a family. Our children have learned so much about sailing, the oceans and the people of the islands. We feel fortunate that we have been able to give them such special childhood experiences that they will remember forever.”


Sailors from around the globe are loving the Nautitech Open 40 experience with Horizon.  Here’s just a selection from our previous guests who have sailed the Nautitech in our BVI fleet:

Jeff Blundell, January 12th – January 20th 2019
“Hello Courtney, Christalen, Rodney and all the gang at Horizon BVI. Thanks for a fabulous week! Double Expresso is a spectacular yacht and everything worked flawlessly. The crew at Horizon made our launch and return seamless and fun.I’ve chartered other boats, with other companies, in other locations… but never had the incredible combination of quality support as we received this week in BVI from Horizon.”
Derek Provin, July 21st – August 1st 2019
“Wavelength was a great charter boat for our small family of 5. We had an amazing experience sailing around the BVI’s.”
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