BVI Airways – non-stop Miami to Tortola!

The new BVI Airways will soon be providing regularly scheduled non-stop jet flights between Miami and Tortola. Direct service to and from the United States to the BVI has never been available before – unless you hired a private jet!

BVIA has been entirely reinvented. New ownership. Bigger and faster planes. And a commitment to a superior level of service – including a true first-class cabin and amenities. With their 4-engine, 450+ mph, 86-seat Avro RJ 85 jets, charter guests will arrive in Tortola in only 2.5 hours, getting to the Horizon Base comfortably and conveniently. No need to connect through San Juan or St. Thomas. No ferries to catch!

One of the single biggest obstacles to increasing the number of travelers to the BVI has been ease of transportation. There are over 550 flights in the US that fly direct to Miami, reducing the number of connections required to get to the BVI even further. And many more from Canada as well!

With the new BVIA, you can arrive in style, and be more relaxed when you arrive. The BVI Airways website can be viewed here.

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