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Captained sailing vacation

Vacations are meant for relaxing and being afloat is no exception. Taking a charter skipper for a captained sailing vacation will allow you to fully enjoy your time on board without having to worry about itinerary, safe anchorages or systems on board. Even for the most experienced sailor, it’s nice to have some time for your mind to switch off!

This is your vacation, you can choose how involved you would like to be in planning the itinerary, hoisting sails or taking the helm. With a captained sailing vacation you can use your valuable skipper’s expertise to expand your own knowledge, and swap your best sailing stories and tips. Your skipper can be involved in your vacation as much or as little as you would like. It’s no problem to spend an evening ashore with family and friends, your skipper will make sure your vessel is safe and your cabins cool and air-conditioned for your return. If you are fascinated by the underwater world, then let your skipper guide you to the best snorkelling spots to point out lobsters hiding under rocks and lesser spotted marine life.

Enjoy all those painkillers with the knowledge that you’re not driving the dinghy at the end of the night. If you’d rather be in a bay with no one else around then your skipper can take you to spots that charter guests cannot reach so you have that unlit view of the milky way. If you’re looking for added adventure your skipper can show you hiking trails for exclusive island views, organize kiting lessons or take competent kiters to safe spots to launch from.

We pride ourselves at Horizon in only offering skippers that give you the full package. Our skippers are sailors, engineers, riggers, tour guides, entertainers, cocktail makers, deck washers, and DJs and will very likely be friends by the end of the trip.

If your idea of a vacation means staying out the galley during your trip then why not hire your own private chef for the week? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are tailored to your personal taste. Your skipper and chef will work together to match food and itinerary whether that be local grilled fish Al Fresco under the stars or Jerk chicken wraps underway. Our chefs prepare a range of breakfasts, from tasty omelettes and French toast to more continental-style platters. Fresh local fruit is in abundance. Dishes could include blackened tuna, BBQ spicy steaks or Caribbean-inspired gumbo. To go along with this feast, you will have salads and other sides. Dessert could be something chocolatey and gooey; the best kind, or a cheese and fruit platter. We serve meals with a range of beverages, from healthy smoothies to wonderful wines.

If you would like to come away from your trip with ASA certifications, then check out our Horizon Sailing School page for more information.

Check out skipper

You’ve been up all day travelling and you’ve made it to paradise but now you’re boarding a boat you’ve never been on, on unfamiliar islands and suddenly you’re faced with hundreds of anchorages to choose from, water makers and in-mast furling systems.

Rather than spending your first day on the dock working out how everything runs, why not take a check-out skipper who can talk you through the systems as you use them?

Has it been a while since you picked up a mooring ball? Your check-out skipper can make sure that the first pick-up goes smoothly. Unsure about your itinerary? Go over the chart whilst watching the sunset and get real local knowledge on where to explore. Is this the biggest boat you’ve been on? Or have you spent years on a monohull but never manoeuvred a cat? Your check-out skipper can guide you through docking and moving in close quarters to build confidence for the week ahead. Taking a check-out skipper to your first anchorage or for the first 24 hours of your trip is the best way to start your vacation smoothly and settle into island time.

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