ASA 101

ASA 101 Prerequisites: To learn to sail Non-Sailors must sail a boat of about 20 feet or more in length in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters without supervision.  A preparatory Standard with no auxiliary power or navigation skills required. Successful candidates earn a National Safe Boating Certificate approved by NASBLA and the U.S. Coast Guard.

The American Sailing Association (ASA) program has structured levels of sailing standards, which are examined at progressive certification levels at our Caribbean sailing schools. Students who learn to sail with Horizon Yacht Charters receive a Logbook that lists the standards, certification and records sailing experience. All courses and examinations are run by ASA qualified instructors. When a certification level is successfully completed, your logbook is signed and stamped so that any charter or rental fleet operator can see your level of competency.


You will set sail from your Horizon Yacht Charters Base and visit several special locations whilst at the same time earning your American Sailing Association learn to sail ASA 101 certification.

Over the course of a week, you will learn to sail, gaining the knowledge and experience to charter sailboats anywhere in the world, and embark on your own sailing adventure!  The goal is to enjoy a learning vacation while you learn to sail and achieve your ASA 101 certification.

The emphasis at Horizon Yacht Charters Caribbean sailing schools is on learning how to sail, through hands-on experience. Mornings will be spent learning and practising new skills. In the afternoons you will set sail, refining these newly learned skills along the way.

Once anchored for the afternoon, there will be free time to spend exploring, engaging in water sports, fishing, and relaxing…

Learn to sail with Horizon Yacht Charters!

About the ASA

The American Sailing Association introduced certifications to the United States over 35 years ago. Today, with 350+ sailing schools worldwide and 508,000 ASA-certified sailors, ASA represents the largest and most trusted network of schools in the United States.

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