Experience fine dining aboard your own private yacht, with a bespoke menu created for you by our gourmet chefs, part of your Luxury All-Inclusive Yacht Charters.

Here are some sample menus to whet your appetite.

These menus were created for Horizon by Gourmet Galley Chef Lisa Mead. See more of her work at lisamead.com

Here are some of Lisa's favourite recipes for you to try at home!

Starter: Shrimp cakes with a papaya cream dipping sauce

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Main: Linguini zucchini with pistachio pesto and shredded chicken and a parmesan lace garnish

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Dessert: Dark chocolate banana spring rolls with a Creme Anglaise sauce

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Luxury All-Inclusive Yacht Charters - Gourmet Chef Lisa Mead
Luxury All-Inclusive Yacht Charters - Gourmet
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