Plan Your Croatia sailing vacation

Here are some useful resources to assist in planning your Croatia sailing vacation.

Visa Requirements:          Visa Requirements for Croatia – Croatian & Schengen Visas – Visit Croatia (

Health and Safety:            Information about health and safety in Croatia |


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Planning your Croatia sailing vacation


Here are some tips for planning your Croatia sailing vacation and trip before your travel. Croatia is a diverse nation that has some of the best natural sites in the world, is full of fairytale-like architecture, and is incredibly safe to visit.

  1. Plan for the shoulder season – Planning during the shoulder season is one of the top things to know before going to Croatia. July and August are not only the hottest months in Croatia but also the busiest tourist months
  2. Book in advance – Many services in Croatia book up entirely in the summer and come close to it in the shoulder seasons, so you don’t want to be stuck once you arrive.
  3. Carry cash – Whether it’s for tipping, purchasing souvenirs, or dining out, many services are cash-only and prefer appropriately-sized bills.
  4. Tipping etiquette – While tips are not expected in Croatia, tipping 10%-15%, or simply rounding up your bill, is generally appreciated.
  5. National parks – Between the pristine lakes of Krka National Park, the sky-high waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes, the lush beauty of Mljet, and the dramatic canyons of Paklenica, you’ll be in nature heaven.
  6. Drive carefully – there are a lot of steep cliffs, drop-offs, and twisty roads.
  7. Cruise Ship routes – Try to avoid the throngs by visiting Croatia’s cruise ship port cities either early in the morning, later in the afternoon, or on off days.
  8. Travel insurance – we always recommend travel insurance.
  9. Visa – Croatia is not in the Schengen area – when you enter the country, you’ll find a defined border and have to go through customs.
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