BVI Charter Reviews from satisfied customers

At Horizon, we aim to provide the best possible service available when you charter in the BVI. The latest Horizon Yacht Charters BVI reviews reflect this in spades.

Many larger charter companies cannot match the level of customer service and personal attention that you will receive from us at Horizon Yacht Charters. Meticulously maintained yachts, one-on-one boat and chart briefings by our friendly and knowledgeable staff ensure a great sailing vacation and good value for money too.

If you would like to share your experience please email us. Alternatively, our full list of contact details can be found online here.

Here’s a selection of what our valued guests have said about us in their latest Horizon Yacht charters BVI reviews:

Mike & Cindy Koenders, 25FEB-2MAR — Bavaria 34 (2017) 'Maverick'

Just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed sailing with you and looking forward to next time!

Mark Belinsky , 2/2 - 3/3 — Nautitech Open 40 Catamaran (2017) 'Wavelength'

Christalen as the “face of Horizon” you are the best of the best. I asked lots of questions (more than most people) and you stayed with me all the way. You are just a positive fun person with a can-do approach, very few people have all these qualities.

I also want to call out Roddney – the best pre-cruise briefing I have ever had. He too patiently answered all my questions.

Last but not least, Jalon was super helpful when we had the engine alarm situation at Manchioneel Bay. The post cruise briefing with him was also great.

Long story short, the charter experience was outstanding. I will recommend HYC to anyone who asks me who to charter with in the BVI. Without hesitation.

Steve Bussolari, 1-8 Feb 2020 — Nautitech Open 40 Catamaran (2017) 'Wavelength'

Service was excellent, we will return.

David Rogers, January 23rd 2020 — Sun Odyssey 410 (2020) 'Tola Sunrise'

We would not hesitate to recommend Andrew and Sylvia and the great crew at each of their Caribbean locations for a terrific sailing holiday on a well-maintained yacht.  We love the freedom of being in control of our own destiny on some of the most beautiful locations in the world, supported by experts who are intimately familiar with both the areas they charter and the yachts they offer.

Cindy2014 Lagoon 450 (2014) 'GREAT ADVENTURE'

I just had to write to let you know how impressed our family was with the Great Adventure crew. As you may have heard, we had some difficulties early on when I couldn’t find our passports. Connor was on the phone, I was crying, everyone was looking. They were light on their feet and adapted quickly with a new plan and enthusiasm about how great vacation would still be. When I found them early the next morning, it was game one. Back to the first plan and they managed to make everything happen that we hoped for.

Connor and Taylor are hospitable, accommodating, and knowledgeable beyond their young age. Our sons related well to them and enjoyed learning from both of them about local history, fishing, boating, and even cooking. Their boat was clean, well kept, and provisioned perfectly for us. We would highly recommend them to anyone in the future.

Darlene2014 Lagoon 450 (2014) 'GREAT ADVENTURE'

Thank you so much! I could not have imagined a more perfect trip and what an amazing way to celebrate “50”! You two provided a perfect trip! Much love and thanks!

Past Customer2014 Lagoon 450 (2014) 'GREAT ADVENTURE'

Thanks for the epic adventure that won’t too be forgotten. We all wish you guys the very best in whatever is in store for you and hope to see you again in the future.

Past Customer2014 Lagoon 450 (2014) 'GREAT ADVENTURE'

You two are amazing! We had the most unbelievable time and were blown away with your hospitality and enthusiasm! Come visit us once our small town recovers!

Steve & Tara2014 Lagoon 450 (2014) 'GREAT ADVENTURE'

Thank you for all you’ve done to make this such a special trip. You’ve been fun, accommodating and gracious host. The food was fabulous!

Past CustomerFountaine Pajot 50 (2016) 'NEVERLAND'

I have now had 3 charters with Jacob and Christina absolutely nailed it each time. The planning, the food, their personalities. . .  everything! It was very different groups from a family to a 35 wedding anniversary and all the clients were full of praise.

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